Vietnamese Women: 10 Reasons to Love the Ladies From Vietnam

If you have read some of my writings then you may know that I am a big fan of Vietnamese women.

My attraction to Asian women grew as I traveled in and around Southeast Asia the for the past few years. One of the great things about traveling all over the world is that it makes you interact with different types of women.

But the truth is that it is not that easy to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you because they are a bit shy at first, especially the “good” girls.

Vietnamese girl posing in front of a flower garden

As I was traveling in Vietnam I came to know more about Vietnamese women and became aware of some of their qualities. The women of Vietnam are now one of my favorites. I can now see why many expat men are thinking about marrying a Vietnamese woman.

In this article I wanted to give you a full guide on them based on my experience.

First I will give you some tips for dating women in Vietnam. After I will tell you 10 great things about them that I have noticed. They will be great reasons to start getting involved romantically with one.

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3 Great Tips for Dating a Vietnamese Woman

One of the best ways to become success with dating women are to know how to interact with them. It is important know the mindset of that type of culture as it can influence how the women can react to you.

Think of these things as simple Vietnamese dating rules. Here are some things to know when it comes to dating Vietnamese ladies.

Be Mindful of Your Physical Appearance

Vietnamese women pay attention to your appearance.

One of the best ways to attract them is to pay attention to the way you look and dress. This can be said about all women, but I have noticed that Vietnamese women are like Korean and Japanese women in this regard.

They really pay attention to the way you look. If you are overweight or don’t seem to care about your looks then it can turn them off.

The guys that take care of themselves and look decent can do very well with Vietnamese women. It goes to show you how powerful it can be to look your best.

If you really want to attract Them then you should seriously pay attention to the way you look.

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Stay Humble and Respectful

Like many other Asian women, Vietnamese women like guys that are humble and respectful towards them. You should also show respect to their family and culture.

This is the opposite of Westernized women who sometimes like “flashy” guys, or men who seem to pretend to be someone they are not. This is not the case with Vietnamese women. Sex is not the only thing that should be on your mind. These ladies actually seem to prefer guys who are humble and respectful.

A couple in Vietnam sitting on a bench in a park

This does not mean that you are shy or anything like that. It mean the opposite: you should be strong man for her and show her that you are calm yet fun to be around. If you are wondering on how to win a Vietnamese woman heart, this is a great way.

Have Some Game

Game simply means to know how to interact with women to make them attracted to you. And it is not as difficult or obscure as some may think. It just means that you are confident in your actions around women and that you take charge.

Its also makes it easier to recognize if a Vietnamese woman likes you.

One of the best ways to take charge is to be a leader and create the mood and the fun moments.

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Game also means that you know how to converse with women and that you can carry on a conversation in a fun and intriguing way. The hotter Vietnamese women have a lot of standards and they will pay attention to your “game”.

If you look indecisive and uncertain about yourself in front of them then it can turn them off. So stay confident, show them a great time and it will really improve your chances in dating them.

10 Amazing Things About Vietnamese Women

Whether you want a Vietnamese girl for casual dating or for serious relationship it is good to know some of the great things about them. Here are 10 amazing things about them that all men should know.

1. Submissive

One of the great things Vietnamese girls is that they can be very submissive. And I know for a fact that many men appreciate this quality in women. It is actually very common in Asian cultures but especially so in the Vietnamese culture.

Expect the women to be very feminine and understand the man and female dynamic in their interactions. And this is nothing out of the ordinary.

I know it sounds simple, women should be feminine right? But you would ve surprised how the women of Western cultures have forget how to express this quality. This is one amazing trait that I have seen in most women in Vietnam.

2. Vietnamese Women Are Very Pretty

Vietnamese women are one of the prettiest Asian girls. This is not only me saying this. Almost all the guys that have experience in Southeast Asia tend to say the same thing.

A beautiful Vietnamese woman sleeping

I am aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I have seen it with my own eyes. I would put Vietnamese girls right up there with Korean girls as being the most hottest in my book.

They have beautiful light skin and very feminine faces. Their eyes are also sexy.

3. They Can have Amazing Figures

Vietnamese ladies can have some really nice bodies. They have a good balance of slim waist and proportional upper and lower bodies. They are one of the rare women in South East Asia that can have a small waist and fit legs and ass. Some Thai girls also have this quality.

A black and white picture of a Vietnamese lady in a room

I have seen some crazy hot girls in Vietnam. Like I was saying earlier they are probably the hottest women in South East Asia.

4. They Can Like Western Men

Another great thing about them is that they are open towards Western men. They like them and many of them are dating one or married to a Western man. I know many US citizens who are currently married to one. And there are also many US citizens who are dating Vietnamese ladies and are thinking to marry them.

Vietnamese Bride sitting on a chair in park

Simply put, there are many foreigners who think about a Vietnam girl for marriage. Now it is more common to see an American husband with his Vietnamese wife living a happy life together.

5. Appreciate Leaders

The women of Vietnam love assertive men. They appreciate leader qualities in guys. Never throw a decision on a Vietnamese woman. In Asian cultures the women actually expect the man to be a leader and make most of the decisions for them.

Have a plan when you are around them. Know where to take them and show them a great time. They really to love these types of qualities in a man.

6. Vietnamese Women are not Feminists

As I have I have been saying: most Vietnamese girls I have been with were super feminine. They actually enjoyed this dynamic.

Vietnamese Women

One amazing thing is that they don’t believe that this dynamic should be tampered with. They still have traditional values towards men. They want a real man for a partner. I know for a fact that many men want EXACTLY this in a woman. This is really one of the greatest things about South East Asia: the women still appreciate a real man.

7. Know How to Take Care of a Man

Most of the women in Vietnam know how to take care of a man. They make great girlfriends and wives. They understand what keeps a man happy. And they do this by understanding their feminine role. So naturally this will keep the a man happy and balanced.

Many of them have also learned how to cook from their mother. Vietnamese women will always do their best take care of a man.

8. Not Easy To Get Them in Bed

Besides the bar girls and freelancers, most of the sexy women in Vietnam are not that easy to have sex with. They have some standards for themselves and are picky who they have sex with.

This is not to say that you can’t get them into bed. It just means that they enjoy the attention of the chase just as much as the end result. This makes getting them to bed even more rewarding.

Once you can get Vietnamese women in bed it can give you a confidence boost.

9. They Are Generally Healthy

Unlike the Vietnamese guys who love to smoke and drink, the women in Vietnam are the opposite. You don’t find too many drinkers and smokers among the women. Most of the time they are very healthy and take care of themselves.

And due to their diet they eat plenty of fresh vegetable and greens.

10. They Are Loyal

And last but certainly not least: the ladies of Vietnam can be very loyal. This is one of the great things I have noticed about them. They will not disrespect you or turn their back on you if you treat them well and are respectful.

Vietnamese woman sitting at the table

They are one of the types of women that will give you everything back 10 fold. If you show them love and kindness they will show that much and more. They will even go above and beyond for you. This is also a great reason why they make great girlfriends. Keep in mind this is not all of them (obviously). But a majority of them have this quality.

As you can see, there some amazing qualities in Vietnamese women. I hope you get to experience them one day for yourself.