8 GREAT Things to Talk About With A Girl

Once you become good with talking to girls you will quickly find out that there are many topics to talk about during a conversation with her. This is especially true if you plan to travel a lot and meet girls for long term dating or short term fun.

The trick is that you need to talk to her in a way that makes her interested in the things you say, and how you say them. When you talk to a girl you want to keep the conversation flowing and fun. The best things to talk about are usually random things that come up when you are speaking to one another. And the secret to a great interaction is to read her emotions and play off of that.

Keep The Conversation Flowing

But there are also specific things that you could talk about that can open her up and start feeling more comfortable to talk to you. And once a girl is interested in you you will notice that she keeps the conversation flowing and asks you questions in return. Or she may even be the one that has some interesting things to tell you about herself.

The guys that are successful with talking to girls are the ones that have a great ability to make a her invested in the things that he is bringing up during the conversation.

So in this article I wanted to let you know of the effective ways to talk to a girl and some topics that are good to use during the conversation. I will also give some extra tips at the end of the article that will help out even more.

The 8 Best Things to Talk About With A Girl

1. Your Immediate Surroundings

This is one of the best ways to show a girl that you are spontaneous and creative while talking her. There is always things going on around you that you could bring up during the conversations. This is especially true if you are at a social place like a bar, lounge, nightclub, etc. For example you could ask her what she is drinking, or if she comes to that place often and what she thinks of it. You could also point out some funny or interesting things about the surroundings while talking to her.

2. Her Nationality / Culture

An excellent thing to talk about would be where she is from originally and her culture. This can be a huge topic and the conversation can go many places from here. This is especially true if you travel a lot like me, and you meet girls from different countries. You could always ask her what region or province she is from, her upbringing, and her culture.

The great thing about this is that girls like talking about themselves, especially with a foreigner. They want to speak about their culture and upbringing and share about their experiences during the conversation. This is also a great time to talk about your culture and nationality and your thoughts about that. Remember to also think of good things to talk about yourself to her. It would also be a good idea to show some genuine interest in her culture.

This is one of the most effective conversation pieces when you travel to a foreign country.

3. Family

The topic of family is a good thing to talk about with her. She will appreciate the fact that you want to know about her parents or siblings. You could ask how her relationship is with her parents, who she looks like the most in the family. Is she the youngest or oldest sibling. There is many sub-topics here that can keep the conversation going for a long time. Once you are more skilled at talking with girls you will be able to see her reaction towards certain sub-topics and keep her interested in talking to you. Remember, the more a girl talks to you, the more she is probably interested in you.

4. Goals and Dream

The key thing here is to make her open up to you about what her dreams are in life. What does she want to become? What are her feelings towards her goals and ambitions.
Remember to focus more on her feelings rather than the actual topic. Girls love talking about the things that stir up their emotions about the topic. So the actual things you talk about are not as important in the way you make her open up about herself. Ask her what her goals are and why she feels that way about them. Also ask her how she feels about her dreams and what she would love to become in this life.

5. Travel

Make sure you talk about your travel experiences and also about hers. Talking about travel with a girl is an excellent topic because it can also show her your experience with other cultures and people. This is especially true if you have traveled to interesting places. You have a chance to show her how interesting you are. At the same time she can open up to you about her travel experiences and talk to you about them. Remember this, girls love interesting guys. The more places you have traveled the better.

If you are a foreigner in her country then it can also be a a great conversation starter. You could ask her of the best places to travel to and ask her what her opinions are about them. You could even set up a date for her to show you around her city or country.

6. Life Lessons

Keep this in mind: you want to bring some value to the girl while talking to her. A great way to do this is to speak about some of the important things you learned so far in your life. You can mention how you got to where you are and some valuable things you learned. This can be a very powerful way to attract her and make her interested in you. If the conversation is light then keep it simple and fun. If you notice that she is really connecting with you and is deeply engaged in talking with you, that is when get a bit more detailed and serious in the tone you speak to her with.

That is why it is so important that you read her emotions and gauge how interested she is in talking to you. Once you see that is listening you closely, you can talk about more serious things with a girl.

7. Music

Everyone loves music. And this can be a great topic to dive into during a conversation. You can discuss which songs she likes and what her favorite genre is. It would be great if you also like the same type of music and can talk about the artists and recent news in that genre.

If you travel to a foreign country you could also ask her to give you some information about the best trending music in her country. It is a great way to show interest in her culture and can create some more opportunities for you to get to know her.

8. Hobbies

Find out what she likes to do in her spare time for fun, or any special talent she has. Girls love talking about themselves, especially when it comes to the fun things that like to do as hobbies.

This is also a great way for you find out what type of person she is. Maybe she is into fashion, sports, or is constantly on social media. Once you know more about her interests you can also see if this is someone who you are really interested in or not. Remember, you should have standards for yourself and pursue the girls that you think are good for you. Ask her about her hobbies to find out more about what kind of girl she is.

Extra Tips

Gauge her interest. The more that she seems interested to talk to you the more you can discuss a wide variety of personal topics. As I said before, if the conversation is simple and fun, then keep it that way and slowly go into more serious topics. Be a good listener and observer of her reactions to you during the conversation.

Make statements. Don’t just ask her questions one after another. Its not a interview for a job. An attractive way to talk to a girl is to make statements and not questions. You should say your opinion about things more than you question her. If you are doing it right you will see that she will make statements back or ask you the questions.

For example, rather than saying “how do you like the weather today?”, you could make a statement like: “wow, today is a great sunny day, I’m really enjoying it, hope you are too”.

Another example. A nice car drives by, and you notice it. Rather than ask her if she likes that car, you could say “That is a nice car, I was thinkin of test driving that the other day”.

The point is to give your opinion in things and not just ask her questions. This way the conversation can flow nicely and is open ended. You can also see how interested she is in you by the way she asks you questions. If you are making statements and she is not making an effort to ask you more questions then it can be a sign that she is not interested to talk to you. So this can be a very powerful way to gauge her interest level in you.