Alpha Personality Traits That DEFINE Every Dominant Male

Having an alpha personality is combination of traits that define dominance in a person. This term came to fruition after studying animals and signifying which personalities eventually became the leaders and the most dominant.

There are 3 known personality traits:

  • Alpha – The leaders and top of the food chain
  • Beta – Beneath the alphas, and followers
  • Omega – A mix of both, or indifferent

The term Alpha means to be first or ahead.

In the context that we are using here, it defines whether or not a person is dominant around others.

This can be for a male or female. But the personality types are a bit different since the genders have different characteristics.

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There are certain traits that causes you to be an Alpha male.

And most of those traits are part of your personality that develops over time.

You don’t just wake up one day and become an Alpha male. It is something that is proven over time and earned.

alpha personality traits that define dominant male
This is what earned confidence looks like.

True confidence is earned.

You know you are good at something because you do it well and it has been proven over time.

But that doesn’t mean that you are confident in everything, it doesn’t work like that.

It is the same thing with becoming an Alpha male. Just the same way that your personality develops over time, your Alpha characteristic do as well.

There are some very specific personality traits that you must have in order to really be an Alpha, and I will let you guys know what they are.

These traits really define dominance and confidence in someone. And they also show leadership and fearless qualities, which easily show if someone is powerful.

Top 7 Most important Alpha Personality Traits

1. Not Afraid To Be Alone

An Alpha person is never afraid of being alone.

Actually, they get energized by it and gain power in their alone time. They are so confident in themselves that they don’t care who is around them, and are quite content to spend time alone.

They even enjoy it.

The interesting thing is that if you possess these characteristics of fearlessness in you then it naturally makes you attractive and people want to be around you.

This personality trait proves that someone is:

  • Fearless. they don’t care what others think of them and will continue staying on their purpose
  • Leader. They know who they are, they know that them being alone does not define them, and they know that wherever they are is “where the party is”. A leader is always alone at the start. The people follow the dominant man when they see his power and capabilities. Being alone is one of the first steps to becoming a leader.

An Alpha personality has no problem, eating alone, going to a bar alone, or traveling alone.

There personality traits remain the same wherever they are in a group or doing something on their own.

But here is the thing:

It doesn’t mean that they are loners, quite the opposite actually.

It simply means that they can handle that type of situation and be confident in it. They can own up to it.

Believe it or not most people can’t do these types of things. They think they are Alpha, but are afraid to even go have a big mac at Mcdonalds alone.

Some guys think they are Alpha, but always need a “wing man” standing next to them to give them confidence. This is non-sense.

The same goes for women.

Some women think they are alpha, but when they are at a party they have have difficulty showing confidence in their personality.

They follow other girls and are too afraid to show their real personality. They may feel other girls or society won’t “approve” of them.

Women are highly influence by social proof (even more then men).

If a woman doesn’t follow the pack, she will be shunned, shamed, and forgotten about. Women don’t have it easy either.

2. Have A Mission/Purpose

Alpha people have a purpose that they are living with.

They give this purpose most of their attention and dedication.

Usually this translates to their career, passion, or art that they are protecting.

And they never allow anyone or anything to come between their purpose or life mission.

Another thing is that Alpha’s never let their purpose define who they are or what they are.

It is simply something that they feel a connection with and that they want to fulfill in their life.

Alpha will stay on purpose

Usually this mission becomes more prominent as one ages, and it becomes more obvious.

Even at an early age most alpha personalities always believe they have big things to accomplish. But because they are still young they may not recognize this and do mistakes.

However, once they recognize this they realize that it is through their purpose that they gain strength.


Because people respect you more when they see you give your purpose more attention than other time-wasting things. Generally speaking, people respect dominant men.

They see these types of alpha personalities as characteristics of leadership qualities.

3. Alpha Person Is Protective

A true Alpha personality will always have protective tendencies. They will protect their friends, loved ones, and people in society.They will not tolerate people getting abused, or unfairly treated. A true alpha makes a great king. They can lead society to great places.

But there are lots of “fake” alphas. And this tricks people to thinking that alphas are violent for no reason, or they they harm people. Let me tell you right now. This is complete non-sense.

alpha person will not feel threat

protective personality traits is one of the hallmark characteristics of dominant men. Yes if they feel threatened or have to protect someone they can use force or get violent, but they don’t purposely try to start anything with someone.

An alpha personality will know they are on top of the food chain, and they will not feel threatened in most situations anyway.

This makes them aware of their surrounding and protective, rather than provoking fear in people. An alpha gets respect naturally anyway.

Not only do they protect themselves, but they will protect others if need be. And this will be a instinctive thing, they won’t have to think twice about it.

4. An Alpha is A Leader

An alpha person is naturally a leader.

Within social groups people want an alpha’s validation. They look to the alpha for answers and guidance.

An Alpha will make the first move and not be afraid to go “against the grain”.

be a leader

Remember, going against something is the first step for change. An alpha realizes this.

Nothing great comes without first making a move, even if it is a mistake, you will still learn.

A true leader will not be afraid to make a mistake, as long as it was done with good intentions and they did something with proper understanding.

Any successful alpha male has failed many times.

Leaders will fail.

That is how they can make good choices and learn from it.

You will always find that an alpha person will make crucial decisions when the time comes for it.

They don’t usually wait for people to lead them — they are the leaders themselves.

5. High Threshold for Uncomfortable Situations

An Alpha male will always have a high threshold for uncomfortable situations. They can handle pressure and will not crumble in the midst of hardship.

This also is tied into the fact that they have a fearless personality. This characteristic and leadership quality makes them be able to withstand tough situations.

Alpha gets validation

An alpha will have no problem standing up for something important, even if it will be socially not “comfortable”.

They have no problem confronting people or getting into confrontations if need be.

This type of personality will have no problem even confronting someone authority.

An alpha is an authority, so they feel comfortable in these types of situation.

6. Not Pushovers

An Alpha will never allow anyone to push them around or tell them what to think or do.

They stand up for themselves and their beliefs. They have high morals and will withstand social pressures easily.

They can “maintain frame”. This means that they stay true to their personality and don’t allow anyone to brake their frame.

People test each other with certain questions or scenarios which is intended to see how strong someones frame is. This is well-known in social situations where people try to see where they fit in the hierarchy.

An alpha will easily pass these social tests and will never let anyone push them around (either verbally or physically)

7. Not Ruled By Emotions

Last but certainly not least, an alpha is not ruled by their emotions. There actions arise mostly out of logic mixed with pure instinct.

If your are interested in about instincts read how to use your gut instinct in relationships and situations in your life.

They may come across as “cold” or “unemotional”, but this not fully true.

They feel emotions and can be very affectionate. It’s just that they they are less reactive to their emotions, and in tough situations.

They handle tasks and makes decisions without getting clouded with emotions.

Being ruled by emotions is a feminine trait.

So we see this sort of behavior in feminine women, and also feminized males in society. Reactive and defensive personalty is prominent in feminine behavior.

These personality traits really define the pure alpha behaviors. It is important to know that most people have mix of all 3: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

But there certainly are persons that have very dominant alpha personality traits that really define what it means to be fearless, and a leader.