How to Attract a Girl You Want

So, how do you attract a girl, and make her fall for you?

In this post I will aim to answer that for you, and show you the most effective ways to learn how to do exactly that. For me I was interested in game because of traveling and hooking up with women around the world.

Here is how to Attracta girl guide

There are few great ways to attract girls, and most of them are the things that you have control over.  If you learn these important social skills you will get a girl to like you.

So here we go.

Show The Girl Your Masculine Qualities

masculine attractive qualities

I know this should be a given but you would be surprised how guys forget about this. Girls are attracted to your masculine qualities. They are waiting to see this in you. So don’t even start to wonder on how to attract a woman without this important step.


One great to way to attract women is through your display of confidence. This means that you own up to your interactions with women and that you are confident while communicating to her. It doesn’t matter if you do or say the wrong thing. What actually matters is that you own up to it.

Girls don’t only care about what you do or say to attract them. They are waiting to sense your confidence. This simply means that you know yourself and what you want. You do and say things with intent.

This is especially true if you want to attract women for getting laid. Confidence is highly sexy to girls and it is one of this things that can get you laid.


One of the inherent traits of males is leadership. What this means is that you should be creating the interaction with the girl. You can’t expect the girl to be the one making all the decisions. This will actually turn the girl off.

There are so many ways that you can show your leadership to girls. One of them is by approaching them. This clearly shows that you are the one creating the opportunity. Girls are attracted to guys that can create an opportunity for them to like you. This is one big aspect of leadership. Here are some more signs of leadership:

  • Having Answers
  • Creating the fun times
  • Having plans
  • Taking initiatives

All of these things will cause attraction in women because they are leadership qualities that guys are supposed to have.

Make the Girl Laugh

Girl Laughing

Humor is a great way to make a girl feel comfortable around you. It can help a great deal in attracting a girl. It can also keep the conversation fun and interesting. This is also a great way to impress a girl by showing her your fun personality.

Teasing and humor is closely related. You can tease the girl in a playful manner and it will show that you are confident enough in your actions. Girls pay importance to guys that can make them laugh.

Improve Your Physical Appearance

Most guys don’t pay much at attention to their physical appearance. If you can improve your looks even by just a little you will improve your chances at attracting a girl. Here are the things that can really improve the way you look.

Your Body Weight

If you are wondering on how to attract a girl using one technique then maybe this would be it. Just by getting to around 10-12% body fat you can seriously improve the way you look. Here is how getting to low body fat improves your physical looks:

  • Face becomes angular and attractive (think models and athletes)
  • Abs will show (Girls LOVE abs on guys)
  • Clothes will fit nice on you

I know its hard to get to low body fat levels, but trust me, it really helps in getting the hotter girls.


Displaying confident body language is huge when it comes to attracting the girls. Never be afraid to take up space around you and in front of women. I know it can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but any confident man will never be intimidated in doing so.

One way to do this is with slow and controlled body movements. Feel relaxed from the inside out. One easy way to do this is to think of confident thoughts. Think of times when you were confident and at ease with something. Then learn to get into that mindset throughout the day. You will notice that after a while it becomes automatic.

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Women pay attention to your clothes, especially your shoes. Make sure you wear clothes that are fitting well with your body frame. The right clothes can make you more attractive. It is not always about the best brands. Just make sure that the clothes you are wearing fit nicely on you and are congruent with your vibe.

Pay extra attention to your shoes. Make sure they are clean and match with your clothes.


Pay attention to your hairstyle. Hair is something that really change the way someone looks. It can improve your looks. Get a style that is good for you and that enhanced your features. And if you are one those guys that is losing some hair you can think about shaving it off. Shaved heads can look cool and attractive.

Be A Challenge

A great way to entice a girl is to be a challenge to her. This means that you make it interesting for her to get to know you better. Girls love it when they have to work for your attention. If you make it too easy for her then there will be no excitement for her to like you. Make her earn your attention and love. This is one of the reasons that “nice” guys have some difficulties in attracting the girl they want. They make it too easy for the girl. There is no mystery for the girl to solve.

You should have opinions and voice them in the conversation. Do not just agree to everything that the girl says just to please her. You should have standards for yourself. The more respect you have for yourself the more respect she will have for you.

Girls to this guys all the time. They “play hard to get” and they make the guy work for her attention. If you can be a challenge to a girl then it will make her attracted to you. It will also make you stand out from most guys since most guys are too easy in this respect.

Conclusion on How to Attract a Girl

As you can see there are some great ways to attract a woman. It is important that you are aware of the vibe that you are projecting out into the world. Stay focused and confident. And you should be having fun in the process. Remember that girls reflect the vibe and confidence that you are putting out. One the girl can sense your confidence it will make the process a whole lot easier. So the next time your are wondering on how to attract a girl make sure you review these important things.