Cuban Girls Are Caribbean Beauties – Get to Know Them

The first time I fell in love with Cuban girls is when I started going there on vacation with my friends. We used to travel there on vacation and party in Havana, Varadero, and a few other less-known cities in that country.

Cuba is one of my favorite places in the Caribbean region. And the great thing is that it is one of the largest islands in that area. It is perfect for exploring, and of course, getting to know more about the lovely Cuban women.

I ended up dating a few Cuban ladies over that time period. One of them I had a two year relationship with. So I am familiar with the Cuban ladies and the lifestyle.

Images of cuban girls

Many people might not know that Cuba has one of the best education systems in the world. There is high number of doctors, and almost the entire population can read. It may be a communist country, but the local Cubans are generally very kind and welcoming of foreigners.

That is even more true now, since world-wide tourism and travel has increased over the last decade in Cuba. If interested you can read more on that here:

But that fact still remains that communism is real, and still alive. You can sense it when you interact with the locals.

And this is also why it is one of the safer places in the Caribbean. The local Cubans can get in trouble if they start problems or crimes against tourists. I felt a bit safer in Cuba then some of the other countries in that area like Dominican or Jamaica.

Their Personalities

I find them to quite genuine, sensual and sexual. If you have been to other Caribbean countries you might get a feeling of how they are like.

And they are very open-minded when it comes to foreigners and men in general. A great way to see this for yourself is to sign up with this free online dating site to start chatting with them and getting to know them.

If they like you you will know it. The girls in Cuba have no problem smiling at you or even approaching you if they like you. This is something that I really respect and even admire in them.

In these types of countries things many be different than what you are used to. The gender roles here are more “natural” and the way nature intended it to be. Women understand how to be feminine, and the men are naturally masculine.

Cuban people in HavanaLocal Cuban women in Havana

This actually makes the female-to-male bonds much stronger and genuine.

One thing I noticed right away in the Cuba was this: The local men had no shame when it came to picking up girls or making it obvious that they liked them. It was very natural and even expected. If you like a girl and don’t show some interest it may come across even weird.

Remember that Cuban girl I told you I dated?

She actually was the one that smiled at me. Back then I used to be a bit more shy, and didn’t make the first move on her.

I remember she smiled at me, then giggled with her friends at work (they worked at a dance studio). I waited for her to be finished her routine and we had a blast that same night enjoying the nightlife and hanging out.

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Don’t ever be shy or intimated when you want to talk to women in Cuba. It is natural and expected. Once you spend more time with the locals you realize that your seduction skills improve naturally. These local guys naturally have game. It gets developed naturally. The women know they are females and the men know they are males.

Their Physical Appearance

Cuban girls have such diverse appearance. That is just one of the things I love about them. You will find all different type of features.

If you like light features you can find that. There are also many Cuban black girls that you will see. The point is that there are so many different types of physical appearances that you can find.

Cuban Women in Havana

But don’t get me wrong, you will still see some unattractive women. I didn’t say that they are all hot. Other countries in that region may have better girls. Colombia, Brazil, and maybe even Dominican might have better looking girls.

But every now and then you will see a beautiful Cuban girl and wonder if Cuba has the best looking women. And this is exactly why going to Cuba can be one of the greatest things. You might find yourself a crazy hot chick that you might never see anywhere else.

Cuban model

And she may not even know her value yet.

But one thing is certain, they will almost all have nice firm bodies. Especially the younger ones. They got amazing legs and thighs, similar to some Brazilian girls.

image of lady in a dress with nice figure

How to Approach Them

You simply want to be direct, masculine, and confident when you approach Cuban girls. A hint of humor and light-hardheartedness also is good to have. That is the key to hooking up to them. The more masculine the better. Especially if you want to hook with the older Cuban women (40+). They like a strong confident man, and will reward you for it.

The sexual nature of the Cuban women is very open, and obvious. As I said, you will know it if they like you. So you need to have this type of personality too if you want to be successful with them.

Working Girls

A good portion of the women in Cuba are in pay-for-play. This simply means that if they hook up with you they expect some payment for it.

The confusing thing is being able to differentiate between a “normal” girl and a prostitute. Even experienced guys can have some trouble in that regard.

The issue is that many of Cuban working girls look like normal girls. In these types of places many girls do these things on the side, without making it that obvious. Sometimes she might not even be into pay-for-play, but will take the opportunity if it crosses her path.

This is also the case in some other countries like Dominican, Jamaica, or Colombia.

Once you start traveling more around the world you will see this dynamic and you will be experienced enough to know which girls are which.

The easiest way to gain this experience is to talk with the girls and approach them. Of course don’t ask them directly if they are working girls. Just feel out the vibe. Most likely she will tell you that she expects some payment if she gets with you. Some guys are more direct and obvious, and ask the girls directly. How you do it depends on your own style and game.

But the general rule with Cubans is to be direct about your interest in them. It doesn’t matter if they are working girls or normal girls. You should still be confident and not ashamed to let your masculine side show.

keep in mind that Cuba is a big country. One of my recommendations is to visit other cities to get a better understanding of women and the vibe. Havana is great, but if you only visit there you won’t get to experience all the other Cuban women that this amazing country has to offer.

There are many places to party in Cuba.

Another point is that Havana is the most touristy city. So naturally some of the women there will be more money-oriented (pay-for-play). They know that tourists want some female attention and they know how to use that their advantage. Don’t let Havana be the standard that you hold Cuba to.

Final Thoughts

As you can see visiting this country can be a great experience. You can enjoy the beautiful culture, stunning beaches like this:

picture of a beach in Cuba

and potentially hook up with some Cuban beauties.

The local guys are cool too. I haven’t seen much jealousy in their personalities. They even tried to hook up me up with their female friends and cousins. Of course this wasn’t for pay-for-play (but they do that sometimes too).

These were normal girls that just wanted to meet foreigners and hang out with — potentially leading to relationships.

This is something that I have noticed a lot in the Caribbean. The local guys are not really jealous of other guys hitting on their women. In fact they even encourage it. Remember what I said earlier in the article: the gender roles here are more natural.

When a man sees a hot woman it is not considered rude to appreciate her femininity and beauty. Of course it goes without saying tha you shouldn’t be too aggressive or disrespectful.

Always respect the local culture and standards. But have fun with the Cuban girls. And don’t forget to be creative with your own social skills.

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