Cuban Nightlife: Best Places to Party in Cuba – Tips for 2019

The Cuban nightlife is amazing. Not only is it authentic, but there are many best places to party in Cuba. And in this article I will give you some nightlife tips to experience what this great country has to offer. Especially for single guys that want to party and have an amazing holiday.

Ive done many Cuban getaways since I used to live only 3 hours plane ride away. I have experienced the nightlife in Cuba many times.

Cuban People Walking in Havana

Cuba has amazing beaches, but the nightlife is one the reasons why many foreigners visit. The local Cubans are friendly, social, and welcoming of tourists. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with this country, and the local women.

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Cuba is great, but it didn’t make my top 5 list for the best places for single male travel. If you are interested to know my top 5 recommended places for single guys read:

Most of the well-known nightlife in Cuba is in around Havana with more nightlife in Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey.

For most people they will want to stay around Havana since that has the most venues and bars. The other cities also have many nightlife partying options, but they are primarily resort cities. However, they do have amazing places to check out and I will mention them here so you can get a good idea of it all.

Keep in mind that you could use this free online site to easily set up dates with some locals. For casual dating or just finding friends to show you around the city. The locals are very open to meeting foreigners. Most people even start chatting with them before actually arriving in the country.

Havana: Best Nightlife in Cuba

Of course Havana is the king of the Cuban nightlife. Hoards of tourist from all over the world come to Cuba specifically to visit Havana.

It has the most bars, and foreign oriented nightclubs. So naturally this might be the first places to party in the country.

El Vedado is the popular neighborhood in Havana that has the most bars and restaurants. Most of the places I mention here will be in that area. It can be considered one of the best places to party in Cuba.

Cubans love music (source). You will quickly realize that as the sun goes down, the streets become more alive. And one of the unique things about Havana (and all of Cuba) is that there are small parties and hangouts just happening on the streets. And foreigners often join in on the nightlife fun.

You could even just be by the waterfront (Malecon) and it can be a beautiful view.

So keep in mind that the nightlife is more than just bars and nightclubs. You could end up having a blast just drinking on the street, listening to live music, and hanging out with the local Cubans.

El Vedado: One of the Best Places to Party

  • Fabrica Del Arte Cubano (FAC) –  One of the best places to see in Havana. Fabrica Del Arte Cubano is a mix of bar, nightclub, and art exhibitions. It is a huge venue with different rooms (and events in each room). You can eat, drink, and socialize and look at the different forms of art on display. It is an interesting concept, and quite fun. An excellent Cuban experience for foreigners. I highly recommend this place, it is a unique nightlife vibe that is sure to please everyone.
Fabrico Del Arte Cubano – DJ Event
  • King’s Bar – Part bar and nightclub. Gets busy and crowded due to its small space. Reasonable drink prices, DJ playing a mix of Latin, Reggaeton, and Top 40.
  • La Flauta Magica – An excellent rooftop lounge and bar. DJ’s playing chill house and electronic music. One of the best views overlooking the waterfront.
  • Sarao Bar – Popular among the hi-so local Cuban crowd. One of the nicest looking clubs in Havana — and trendiest. A nice mix of foreigners and locals, expect prices to be high for Cuba standards.
  • Encuentro – One of the few rooftop bars in the area. Located near Flauta Magica. Amazing vibe here and good crowd.


  • Sangri-La – Another trendy nightlife area in Havana Cuba. The bar is located in the basement and gets very busy on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Casa De La Music – Very popular among tourists and the local Cubans. An excellent place to see live music and dance.
  • Don Cangrejo – This part restaurant and nightclub is one of the best nightlife places in Havana. The location is beautiful, near the waterfront. Friday is known to be the busiest but there are live band shows all day of the week.
Sangri-La in Havana


Varadero is mostly a Cuban resort town with stunning beaches. The city of Varadero is world famous for its foreigner oriented tourism. It also has great nightlife options that are surely worth checking out.

  • La Casa de la Musica – Also known as the “House of Music”, is a fun and exciting place to party in Cuba. Very popular with locals and foreigners. DJ’s playing the great tracks.
  • Mambo Club – Gets busy on the weekends. A great place to learn the Mambo dance. The place has pro dancers that teach the club goers.
  • Havana Club – Located close to the beach. DJ’s playing well-known Cuban, Latin, and international hits. A good mix of foreigners and locals.
Cuba nightlife - best places to party
Havana Club Disco in Varadero


  • Bar El Cambio – A cool dive bar with graffiti art design on the walls. A small bar but has character.
  • Bar Terraza – Located on the rooftop of Gran Hotel. One of the nicest views of Camaguey city. Enjoy the great mojitos here.

Santiago De Cuba

The nightlife in Santiago is not on par with Havana, but if you are in that area of Cuba it is surely worth checking out. Another thing to mention is that there won’t be as much foreigners here. So most of the bars and nightclubs will have a majority of Cuban locals.

Club 300 – Restaurant in the day and turns into casual nightclub in the evening. Nice cocktails. Located close to Parque Cespedes.

Bello Bar – A classy bar located on the 15th floor of the Melia Hotel. More a “family and friends” type of place but has nice panoramic views.

Also check out the lobby bars of other hotels, those are always viable nightlife options for drinks and mingling.

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