Dating Colombian Women Guide & 3 Great Tips

Colombian women are famous for their beauty. So before even going any further, lets not kid ourselves: any guy going to Colombia is most likely going there for the hot women and a chance to meet them and hopefully start dating them.

A long time has passed since the drug-fueled violence of the Escobar era. The last decade or so has brought an even larger influx of male travelers into this beautiful country.

This has caused even more interest towards dating women of this beautiful and amazing country.

Dating Colombian Women

Now if any guy tells me he hasn’t been to Colombia it may come across as a shock. Colombian beauties are one of the most sought after women in all of Central and South America, especially by foreign guys.

Once you know how to deal with a Colombian woman you will quickly see why dating them can be so fun, and why visiting this country can be such a great experience.

Colombian women can have a distinct personality.

So sometimes there is a bit of confusion on the internet about how to deal with them.

Some guys think that the girls in the well-known city of Medellin are snobbish, others think they are easy.

There are even some fools who think that these girls will go with any American men that simply steps foot in the country.

And to be fair, there is some truth in all these things, but it is best to become aware of the reality of things.

This will give you the full insights on the Colombian dating culture and how to interact with them.

4 Things I Love About Colombia

1.Some of the Best looking Women in the World

Yes, that is a big statement, but I am confident that most guys would agree with me here.

The reason is quite simple: Colombian girls are inherently beautiful, but they also know how to take care of themselves and enhance their beauty.

This is one of the most attractive things about them. That combined with their warm personalities can make it so easy to be attracted to them and fall in love with them.

A Beaitiful Colombian woman

Just keep in mind, you will see plenty of unattractive women in Colombia too. It is just that the majority of women you see will be pleasant to look at and have a sexy look to them.

2. Nightlife & Partying

The nightlife is really fun in the well-known cities like Medellin, Bogota, Cali.

As a foreigner you will really have a good experience partying and getting a taste of the nightlife. The nightlife in Medellin is fun and exciting, make sure you try to experience it at least one time in your life.

That city should be a stop for guys looking to travel in that region. The women in Colombia like to enjoy a fun nightlife.

3. Not Expensive

Colombia is one of the cheaper destinations for single guys around the world.

Expect cheaper prices for hotels, food, partying, and girls. You can have a great time without breaking the bank. Colombia is quite cheap compared to other well-known tourist destinations.

4. Natural Beauty & Scenery

It can be huge bonus traveling to a place that has beautiful scenery and nature. This whole geographical area is beautiful, and Colombia is no exception.

So not only can you have fun and exciting times with sexy Colombian women, but you can also experience some stunning nature scenery.

How to Make Colombian Women Fall in Love With You

I will be fully honest with you, don’t expect to show up in the country and expect the women to fall in love with you.

Although many of the girls are open to meet foreigners, the women have a specific way that they like to be treated in which I have had experience with.

One thing to remember is that Colombian women are from Latin America. They have a slightly ‘hot” nature to them.

As a man you will need to match this and even surpass it if you want them to like you. So a bit of dominance in your personality can work in your favor here.


If you are one of those passive types guys that can’t make women interested to talk to you then you might have a hard time picking up girls in Colombia.

The women here like guys who are a bit assertive and confident. here are 3 things they pay special attention to:

#1 Physical Appearance

Sorry guys, being average might not cut it with a beautiful Colombian woman.

You need to be a model or anything, but it does mean that you should pay attention to your clothes, and how you present yourself. Don’t be over-weight, and don’t be a slob.

These girls pay extra attention to their physical appearance, and presence. Which means they also do this to the guys that show interest in them.


If you look presentable, and the best that you can be, it will make it so much easier to succeed with them, especially the hotter girls. This is also true with other Spanish cultured women.

#2 Don’t Be Cheap

This may sound cliche, but it is so true with Colombian women.

When you go on a date with them be prepared to pay, and never make a big deal out of paying for them.

In these types of the cultures it is expected that the man pays for dates. Generally speaking, be aware of the female and male dynamic.

The Colombian culture is still a bit “old-fashioned” in the sense that females are expected to act feminine and males are the ones that are supposed to lead and protect the lady.

As long as you understand these types of things you will do good getting the women to like you.

#3 Be the Man She Wants – Confidence

This may be the most important point, even though it is at #3. As I was saying, in this culture the man is supposed to be the leader and show confidence when courting the woman.

Make sure that you have an aura of confidence that can be felt when you meet them. It doesn’t mean that you are arrogant, or being fake. Just be assertive in your actions and own up to them. 

If you are on a date then you should know where to go and how to have fun.

Take charge of the interaction and make sure that she is having a good time. You do this by showing her that she is with a strong male (you) and that she can trust that you will protect her and take care of her.

All of this can be done with actions, you don’t need to tell her these things. Show her your masculine qualities such as stability, leadership, and protection, and you will have a much better chance of her liking you and falling in love with you.

A Few Final Words

If you are going to Colombia in order to explore the country and meet people it would be best for you to learn some Spanish.

This will help you a great deal in your interactions.

The Majority of the women don’t speak English fluently enough to be able to have a good conversation with.

Colombian girls would like it if you could understand some Spanish. This is especially true in Countries less touristy cities, where the local women will barely speak any English at all. In other words, don’t just limit yourself to the women of the major cities.

Learning some Spanish will really help you out in this regard, and the girls will also appreciate that you are making an effort to communicate with them.

Colombian women are passionate, affectionate, and can be very loyal. They really can make excellent girlfriends and even wives…


If you are a single male and want to explore the world and meet some amazing women than you must visit Colombia and meet some of the beautiful local women. It is such a great experience, just see for yourself.