How to Meet Girls in Seoul & Best Tips on Dating Them

It’s easy to meet girls in Seoul, but dating them as a foreigner may not be the easiest thing to do. That’s because Korean girls can be very choosy who they get in a relationship with. And I think we can all agree that they are some of the most beautiful women in south east Asia.

So here I will let you guys know about the best places to meet single Korean girls around Seoul. These areas and hot-spots are foreigner friendly, and the women are typically exposed to foreigner guys. So as long as you have good appearance, smile, and attitude, you will have great chances in this city.

Girls Partying in Seoul

The personalities of the girls in Seoul should also be mentioned. This is a big city, so you should also expect some big egos.

The women can seem “stuck up” sometimes. So when you go out to meet them you should keep this in mind. Don’t take it personal or let that defer you, especially as a tourist. And having a relationship with them is not hard. But just remember that Korean women are also attracted to status.

Seoul is the type of place that the way you look, or your status can get you into relationships with some of the hottest Korean women you will see.

It is simply just how the social dynamics is here when it comes to the hotter girls.

Seoul’s nightlife scene is great, it can be a fun city to party in. And even more so, since Korean girls are known to be some of the best looking in the region. Many want to know if dating girls in Seoul is easy for the average foreigner. The answer is that yes it can be, as long as you know where to go, and how to interact with the local women.

But I will be honest, it is easier dating girls in the Philippines though. They seem to less choosy, and more open towards western foreign men.

However, getting a girlfriend in Seoul can be a great experience. What I recommend is to use this free site here to easily set up dates with Korean girls. You can even start doing this before you arrive.

These Asian ladies might be a bit more challenging to get, but once you do, you will see it was worth it. It will be an interesting experience in your life.

3 Best Areas to Meet Girls in Seoul

There are 3 main areas that you should foucs on. They are Gangnam, Itaewon, and Hondae. These areas have the best nightclubs and bars for picking up girls in Gangnam, and the other cities.

B One Nightclub in Seoul
B One Club


Keep in mind that some of these places, like Gangnam are most trendy. It is where people from high society usually attend. Where talking local celebrities, models, K pop singers, and the most attractive women in the city. So you should know right away that you won’t be the most important person around. Expect that they might not even allow a foreigner inside.

Of course this is not all the venues, so there are more than enought places that will allow you inside, and from there you can easily be able to party with the local women and give you the highest chances with the hottest Seoul girls you can imagine.

Some popular nightclubs in Gangnam are Octagon (Hilltop Hotel), Mass, Arena.


This area in Seoul used the be the happening place for most foreigners, including expats who made the city their home. It used to be that you could easily pick up local girls as a foreigner, both normal girls and prostitutes. Things have changed a bit over recent years. It is not what it used to be. It gets frequented often by ladyboys, and even has some gay bars. But if you go in this area you will still notice that there are working girls in the bars.

In any case, definitely go to this area for a chance to see some local women. The most notable venues to party in this area are B One, Cakeshop, and Venue.


If you don’t like the trendy or “hi-so” vibe of Gangnam, but still want to party, then Hondae might be perfect for you. It has quite a few popular bars and clubs like Aura, Cocky Pub, Bar Da, Gogos, that are worth checking out. The crowds here are a bit more mixed, and as a first timer you might find this place more comfortable than Gangnam or Itaewon.

The great thing is that there are 3 areas to meet girls in Seoul, so you have some good options. Just go these places and see how you enjoy them. Keep in mind that everyone of us are different. Some men do good with trendy women, and some guys prefer more “normal” women. It all depends on your dating preferences and what you look for in a partner.

Girls Online

There are so many girls online in Seoul. As a foreigner you should definitely make an attempt to set up an account and start chatting with them online.

The best thing about online is that if you do it right, it can have some amazing results. Why? because most of the girls available in Soeul will not speak English. So they don’t always feel comfortable with guys approaching them in public, and trying to pick them up.

When you meet them online they feel more comfortable. They can take their time and translate what you are saying and respond to you. And if you have some good pictures you will see that many of them might even start to chat with you.

If you don’t use online dating in Seoul than you are not maximizing your potenial to meet women here.

The truth is that there are MANY Korean women that would love to meet a foreigner for a boyfriend or husband. But they can be shy. And they are pickly too. So now you can see why chatting to them online gives you a head start in the dating scene in Seoul. Especially as a foreigner.

Other Places to Meet Them

During the day is probably the hardest of the ways to pick up Seoul ladies. But it can be definitely done. The reason why I said that is because during the day they will be doing normal activities, like going to the mall, work, shopping, parks.

Seoul Shopping District

Naturally the women are not expecting to get approached by a foreigner, especially if you can’t even speak Korean.

But like any city, you can do well if you look decent, dressed well, and have some skills in social interactions. Some of the girls you see in the malls, and streets will be very beautiful, and worth it for you to take a chance.

For example, the Ssamzeigel Distrct will have many Seoul women walking around in the day, meeting their friends in the area’s restaurants and cafes.

Check out the Doosam Tower Mall in the Dongdaemun district. This shopping area will have many local girls. It is one the best places to just meet them in the day. And in this area you will have even more malls like Central City, Times Square, D Cube City Mall.

Seoul Dating Advice for Foreigners

Here I will let you guys of the best ways to set up a date, and meet the girls and interact with them.

A good portion of the women in this city can’t understand English that well. So try and meet the ones that can understand at least a bit of English. This well help you to break the ice better in the beginning of your date.

If you meet them online you can easily agree to a place to meet. A good place is usually at a cafe, or mall. This way she will feel comfortable to meet you. From there just have some light fun conversation, and get to know each other more.

If things are going good you will want to see her again. AT this point you should set up a date for the night-time . If she likes you she will want to meet you too. So this is how you can judge her attraction towards you. This is the time that you could take her to someplace fun like a Nightclub or Karaoke bar. A few drinks and fun activities always helps build some attraction with the ladies.

Where should you take her? Be spontaneous and surprise her. BUt make sure you take her somewhere fun. Check out the clubs I mentioned above, or just check to see which bars and restaurants are around you when you meet her.

The important thing is how you interact with her and take the lead and create a fun time. Even having some drinks on a rooftop can be great fun if you keep her interested. Remember keep some mystery about you. The Seoul girls might play a bit hard to get, so maybe you should a bit too.