Dating Eastern European Women – All About Beautiful Slavic Ladies

Eastern European women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are known to be high maintenance, but once you know how to treat them you will see they are not difficult to hook up with.

I just got back from another trip to Europe and it was great. And to be honest, one of the main reasons I travel there is to meet single European women. Most of them are very good-looking, and they have nice figures. These types of stereotypes are very true.

Russian, Ukrainian, and other Slavic women are world famous for their attractiveness.

But the truth is that they are not that easy to pick up unless you know more about them. And I know many guys are interested in dating women from eastern European countries

Beautiful European Women

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So I wanted to give some insights on them and how to go about meeting them. I have had my fair share of Eastern European dating experience and I wanted to write up an article to help out my readers. Read below to find out how they are like, what they look for in men, and how you can meet them.

Physical Features

I know you have probably heard how beautiful some of these Eastern European ladies can be. And let me tell you now, most of it is very true. But it is not only about their physical features. It is also the way they know how to present it and enhance it to make guys attracted to them.

They are naturally beautiful and have some variances in their appearances. Some of the can have very light eyes, and hair. Other eastern bloc women can have brown eyes, and brown or black hair. You will also see that they have nicely developed bone structure to their faces.

Many of them do actually look like the “model” type. Whenever I am in Eastern Europe it feels like I see regular women that could be models if they wanted to be.

images of croation (european) lady model

Another great point is their figures. They are very aware of their bodies and the way carry themselves. Most of them are slim, with well proportioned bodies. Most of them have above average height compared to other women.

European women are also famous for having a great sense of style. When I was in Europe I rarely saw women that didn’t pay attention to the way they dressed.

Most of the women were dressed nice and classy. And most of the them know the difference between dressing too provocative and classy. The Beautiful European women are famous for this — looking sexy in a classy way.

Are Eastern European Women High Maintenance?

You may have that eastern European ladies can be high maintenance — it’s not exactly easy dating them. Yes I know this is one of their stereotypes. And let me tell you now that there is some truth to this, but it is also highly misunderstood by most guys.

These types of women have high expectations in men and also for themselves. Maybe it is a genetic trait, but they they believe they are high quality, so they want to be treated that way by men. The women are attracted to guys who are confident and know how to be around women.

By the way, I use to date European women in America, but it was not the same. In Europe the women seemed more high-maintenance.

And one of my own personal strategies is to use the reputable eastern european dating sites to start chatting with them, and getting to know them more. Try the following sites, it is free to sign up and start using:

ukraine date


Top 3 Countries in Eastern Europe to Meet Women

Countries like Moldova, Russia, and Romania have really beautiful European girls too. But my favorite places to travel to meet women in Eastern Europe are the following:

Ukraine. This place has some seriously good-looking chicks. And it is also not that expensive of a city. It is also one of the best places for single guys.

Remember that most of the action is in Kiev, the capital city. The women are open to meeting foreigners, and if you have some style, and game you will do amazing here.


Hungary. This place is great to meet some hot European women. Hungarian chicks are one of my favorite in Eastern Europe. It is also fairly cheap to live here. Budapest is the city where you want to be.


Czech Republic. Another must visit place for guys in Easter Europe. Czech women are some of the hottest in the world.

Make sure to check out Prague, the capital city. The ambiance of Prague is amazing too, and has great Eastern European food options for you to try.


Some of the ladies are a bit standoffish at first, but once you meet them you’ll realize that this is only a front — you can talk to them and pick them up. Just stay confident. This really takes you far in Eastern Europe in general. Which brings me to my next point…

Confidence – The Ultimate Male Characteristic

I will say right now that confidence is such an important trait to have as a guy. And this is especially true when you are dating women in Eastern Europe.

That’s because the women there are naturally a bit more self confident than other types of women. They know who they are and they are much more particular about a mans confidence levels, one such way is the way women pay attention to your body language.

Eastern European men are no different, they also need this confidence in order to get the hotter girls.

The women will judge you a lot on the way you look and present yourself. So you should pay attention to yourself and the way you look and dress. Your domineer should also project confidence, but not too arrogant. Just in a classy way.

European people in general dress up more than they dress down. Make sure your clothes fit you properly and you feel comfortable in them.

During the days a nice polo style T-shirt with nice fitting jeans looks really good. For shoes you could wear casual type boots, or casual sport shoes.

For nightclubs and restaurants it is good to wear button-down dress shirts, with nice pants. Make sure the shirt and pants fit you well. A couple sprays of nice cologne, and a nice watch will finish the amazing look. Stuff like this is simple to do, and makes a difference.

And trust me, the women will not only notice this, but they will also appreciate it!

How to Interact with Eastern European Girls

Ok, so most guys think that they can come straight to the Eastern European dating scene and pick up girls easily with just pick up lines — just by simply being a foreigner. And let me break it down for you: this is not the reality.

Sure, if you have some game and style things can work in your favor, especially if you are a foreigner. Just keep in mind that the women in Eastern Europe are not that easy to impress. But if you do impress them you will be amazed at the quality of women you can hook up with.

Russian - Eastern European Model

When you interact with these women make sure that they can sense your manly characteristics such as:

  • Leading the interaction. Create a comfortable vibe, and lead the conversations and interaction. Don’t just wait for her to say things or do things. Being a leader is a very masculine trait. It is something that European women really like.
  • Confident behavior. Don’t be afraid to do or say the wrong things, but own up to your actions. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, just stay confident throughout the interaction.
  • Good sense of humor. Keep things playful, and remember to create comfort through your ability to not take things to serious. A genuine smile and laughter can ease things up a lot.
  • Sense of freedom. Have an abundance mentality. This means that you are focused on having a good time without and end result in mind. The women can sense this freedom and it is attractive to them.

When you are dealing with Eastern European women, make sure to focus on the quality of interaction, rather than other things. The girls are also looking for this is in a man. Generally in Europe, quality is emphasized more than quantity. Remember these things and you will do fine.