How to Attract a Married Woman and Seduce Her

It is getting more and more popular these days. It seems quite a few men are wondering on how to attract a married woman. Right off the top of my head I can think of a few reasons why people would want to:

  • It could be a fetish to get a married woman in bed
  • The man could be in love with the married woman
  • The married woman is the man’s ex girlfriend (he wants her back)
  • Trying to have sexually an affair with the the married lady

For whatever reason it is, I will give you insights on how to appeal to them. I have had some affairs with married women, but I did not know they were married until after. They never told me they were. I just charmed them without knowing there status. 

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So let me tell you this right now: trying to seduce and attract a married woman is like playing with fire. I actually don’t recommend doing it on purpose.

So if you are wondering on how to attract married women then I urge you caution.

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The reason is because you don’t want that type of thing to blow up in your face. Things can get very ugly if anything goes wrong. And it can go wrong if you don’t control yourself. It can get really messy If her spouse finds out about .

This is a complex thing and I will try my best to really make you understand how it works so you can be successful in it. You should also read the article on how  women perceive men to understand how women judge us men at first sight.

Here are the things to know:

Every Woman is Different

If you are really serious about attracting a married woman, then you need to first judge her and see what type of woman she is.

An attractive brunette woman

You should pay attention to what type of husband she already has. Because I will be honest here, it is highly unlikely a married woman will cheat on her husband if she is sexually and emotionally satisfied with him — even if you charm her the right way . There is really only four main reasons why a woman would cheat on her husband with you:

  1. She simply is not sexually satisfied with her husband.
  2. She has fallen in love with you.
  3. The husband has proven to be a weak (beta) man, with no leadership qualities.
  4. It was by “accident”, she might have been drunk or it was just the right timing to get the married woman in bed.

See what type of person she is. If you want to get her you will need to give her something that is missing in her life.

If she has a controlling husband, then she is probably looking for freedom and fun. You have to cause attraction through that mindset.

If she has a spouse that is a wimp, and can’t control her, then she might be looking for a man who is very assertive and aggressive.

The only way to find these things out is to talk to her before actually trying to seduce her. This will give you and idea of who she really is and how you can attract her.

Be Better Than Her Husband

Let me tell you this right now:

If you are not better than her husband then she probably won’t be attracted to you or impressed by you. So don’t wonder how to convince a married woman to sleep with you, if she doesn’t have any reason to.

The best chance you have is to make her wonder if you are a better match for her. Keep in mind that everyone has there reasons for wanting to hook up with them (source)

From my experience, married women are usually attracted to men who have something their husband doesn’t have.

It depends on the girl but here are some examples tools of seduction:

Techniques For a Man to Seduce and Impress a Married Woman

  • More money
  • Better looking
  • Nicer body
  • Alpha male
  • Better personality
  • More social power

Here is the interesting part, the better qualities you have the better your chances are.

And some factors have huge importance for some women. Things like money, being good-looking, and alpha male qualities are very powerful.

There are even other factors at play. Some women place huge importance to a mans body language.

An attractive man

That is why I said earlier if you can find out what type of women she is then you can pinpoint what she really likes in a man. Guys that are highly successful with women are amazing at this. They are masters at knowing what type of women they are going after.

How to Attract a Married Woman: My Formula

Here is the formula that works on married women:

(You have 2 or 3 better qualities than her husband ) + (She is willing to hook up with new men) = Success

Attracting a married woman formula

Woman love to have the best experience and man. If she feels that being with you is a move up in the world, she will be highly attracted to you.

Conclusion on How to Attract A Married Woman

In this article have given you some excellent and legit info on how to attract women that are already married. If you want to entice them and appeal to them you need have something they want.

One important thing is this:

You should weigh in the pros and cons of the situation. If you want to get with a married lady than it is a good idea to make sure she is worth it.

As I was saying earlier, if things go wrong, it can get very ugly quickly. And you need to make sure you are ready for it.

On the other hand, it might be a good thing to get with her. Yes. Maybe you and her are a better match. Maybe she loves you more than her husband. It is not much different from getting any other women to like you.

Getting a divorce from her husband is her responsibility and choice, not yours.

The only thing you have control over is the way you present yourself and your alpha male qualities. The best thing to do is to be aware of them and use them in any situation you want. So now you know some effective ways to attract a married woman. Good Luck.

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