Interpreting Female Body Language: The Secret Signs of Attraction

I always tell guys, females are always giving attraction signs and hints that they like you (or don’t like you). But usually men don’t pay attention and can’t always see these things. Especially because they can be very subtle and not easy to see. She doesn’t have to be flirting with you directly to give you these types of clues.

I wanted to share these 12 amazing female body language secrets and reveal the things that every man should know.

Women pay close attention to a mans body language.

The reason being is that women know how important and useful it can be to read a man’s character — to decide if they are interested in him. Interpreting these body language signals from females should be one of your main goals in the attraction game.

Actions can speak louder than words. Women can flirt with you without even saying one word. These are huge body language clues that say she’s interested, or that there is a sense of attraction from her.

Interpreting female body language can be highly rewarding for us guys. If we can read these secret signs of attraction it can give us a head start on how to steer the interaction with females. As men we should be able to interpret these body language signals in real-time and capitalize on them.

How to Spot Female Body Language

The first step to spot this type of body language is to become aware of it. Which is what we are doing here. But you will need to pay extra attention to your interactions with women in the real world.

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It is no secret anymore, women quickly give hidden signs through their body language. Even if they don’t like you, they will give signs that they aren’t interested.

Usually guys are very aloof to spotting these types of things. The guys that notice these signs have an advantage in the game. They can narrow down which females likes them and which ones don’t.

It can even save you time so you don’t go after the women who are not flirting with you through their body language.

This is something that can really be useful in your interactions with females. And the great thing is that these female body language signs are universal.

It is not just cultural, it is usually shown by all the women of the world if they feel attraction towards a guy. I can confirm this as I have traveled to many places and interacted with women of different nationalities.

So here we go.

The Top 12 Female Body Language Secrets

OK so here are the things to look out for. Whenever a woman gives you a few of these signals it can be certain that she is interested in you and is open to your advances.

1. Eye Contact – She Looks Into Your Eyes

There is normal eye contact, then there is THE eye contact.

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Pay close attention to the way a female looks at you, especially in your eyes. When she is interested she will look very deeply into your eyes. This is much different from normal eye contact between people.

And this one of the fastest signs that a female likes you. Usually she will hold the gaze a few seconds longer and will look directly into your eyes.

woman in cowboy hat - interpreting female body language

Sometime it will feel as if she is trying to find out something that you may know. It will feel as if she is “investigating” who you are by just looking at your eyes.

This also an excellent time to look into her eyes and reciprocate the feelings.

2. She Touches You By “Accident”

Usually women don’t touch guys (for any reason) unless they feel comfortable with them — especially at the early stages of interaction. Notice that she brushes your arm, pats you on the arm when you say something funny, or doesn’t mind sitting close to you. Or she could hold on to your back.

female body language secrets: Man and woman in beach

This one of the signs a woman is flirting with you — she touches you. This is usually a clear indicator that she is attracted you and wants you to escalate the interaction — she likes you.

3. She Comes Closer To Where You Are

Women usually don’t act randomly towards things. She is not just around you by accident. When a woman is interested in you she makes sure to come closer to you.

This is very noticeable in nightclubs, or bars, and any other social setting with many people around. Pay attention to the women that are around you, as can be an indicator of interest.

For example, you could be chilling with your friends at a club, and you notice a girl is dancing very close to you with her back turned to you. Chances are that this is not by accident. She knows that you are right behind her. It is a hint that she likes you.

Or sometimes you will notice that they purposely go out of their way to be near you.

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4. The “Double Glance”

This is also another clear indicator of interest. Usually women don’t look at a guy twice (in the eyes) unless they are attracted to them.

One look can be by accident, but two looks is not an accident. Here is an example of the way this happens:

  1. She looks at you, and quickly turns away if you look at her.
  2. Then she secretly looks at you again

This type of double glance is another indicator of attraction and a clear indicator that she likes you.

5. Her Tone of Voice Changes to Extra Feminine

If you pay attention closely, people usually have more than one tone when they speak. Depending on the situation and the person you are talking to, your vocal pitch sounds different.

With women this is very noticeable. They speak much softer and “feminine” when they are attracted to someone. It just sounds a bit more sexier, and relaxed.

We men have this too. The way we speak with our guy friends is nowhere near the same when we are trying to seduce a woman. When we speak with women, we talk in a lower pitch, relaxed and more masculine.

Women do this also, and it is noticeable. If she has this pitch to her voice then it is an indicator of flirting and that she likes you.

6. She Fixes or “Plays” With Her Hair When She Notices You

Some women will naturally start to fix or play with their when they notice you. They do this to try to look their best for you, since most women are very self-conscious about their physical appearance around guys — especially when it comes to their hair.

Woman Plays With Her Hair (A secret signs of attraction)

Keep in mind that women do this naturally when they feel they need to look their best around others. The difference is that when they do it around a guy they like they do it an obvious way. As if doing it so the guy can pick up on it. This is one of those subtle signs that you will notice from the women around you.

7. She Laughs Easily When You Say Something Funny

When a girl is interested in you she will laugh very easily at the funny things you say. Even if what you say is not too funny.

Woman Laughing - Body Language

Pay attention to this sign. It is one of the easiest way to see if a woman is into you. Just say something funny, and see how she responds.

8. She Walks In a Sexy Way Around You (Extra Hip Movement)

When women want to get the attention of the men around them they walk in a slightly different way. As a guy, all I can say is that they put more emphasize in their hip movement.

Couple Walking

It appears like they are trying to be more attractive by showing their feminine figure.

They may not even be conscious about this, or they might know they are doing it. In any case it is obvious they do this.

9. She Doesn’t Make Eye Contact

This one is a bit tricky. It can mean one of two things depending on the circumstance:

  1. Some girls will not look at you at all when they are not interested in you. So take this as a sign that she is not into you and move on.
  2. On the other hand, some girls purposely don’t make direct eye contact with you because they are intimidated (too shy) around you, or they are trying to play “hard to get”. If you notice that the girl is giving many other body language attraction signs, but going out of her way NOT to look at you, this can mean that she is interested in you. This is not that easy to spot though and many guys actually think that the girl doesn’t like them. It really takes some time to learn the difference, but it still is important to be aware of.

10. She Touches Herself When Around You

Sometimes women touch or caress themselves when they are around a guy they find attractive. Here are some examples:

  • She touching or stroking her thighs while sitting down.
  • Rubs her shoulders or hands or neck
  • Plays with her hair
  • Touches her lips with her fingers

Female Body Language - Touching Lips

Take note of these things as they can be signs that she is comfortable around you to caress herself in subtle ways.

11. She Has Her Arms Crossed

Usually this is one of the negative body language signs a woman will give you. It can mean that she is not “open” to you, and is not interested. But it can also mean that she is not interested in the conversation at hand.

If you are dating or married to a woman and she does this, it can mean that she is upset with you.

11. She Bites or Licks Her Lips

Women do this as a way to flirt with you without using words. And as man, I find this a turn on. Especially if I find her attractive too. This is a classic body language flirting signal that women give to men.

Women also do this to bring attention to their lips — since the lips are involved in kissing. They can also do this when they want you to kiss them. This is also one of the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

12. She Starts Talking Loudly With Her Friends

Have you ever been around some girls and they start talking loudly when they are around guys they like? You will notice that they speak and laugh much louder than normal. They even may say some silly things. It all seems purposely done and not natural.

If you notice some girls doing this around you it probably means that they want to get your attention, or are intrigued by you — especially if they are giving other body language signs like mentioned in this article.

Final Thoughts

Learning to decode these attraction signals is really an art on its own. Some guys are masters of it. The great thing is that you can use this to your advantage when interacting with women.

It is great to pick up on these cues and know which females are open to your advances. Learning some of these secret signs of attraction has helped me a lot on my social game, and I am sure they can help you too.

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