The Friend Zone: What It Is And Tips on How to Get Out of It Fast!

The friend zone is one of the worst situations you can find yourself in, especially if you have romantic interest in a woman. During the initial stages of interaction with a woman something very important happens. She is determining what category to put you in. A friend, a potential lover, or nothing.

And where you stand with her determines how much she likes you.

A big part of how much she likes you is determined from the way you interact with her, and whether or not you have the courage to pursue her enough. So if you wait too long to show interest there is huge chance she will eventually put you in the dreaded friend zone. I will explain this more in detail further into the post.

stop getting in the friend zone

Women don’t need a guy as a friend if they want to feel attraction for him. They have enough girl-friends that they can chat or text with. Lots of guys (including myself) have fallen into the friend zone at one time or another. We learn from it and move on and try and avoid it the next time we deal with women.

Two Things Guys Misunderstand About The Friend Zone

There are 2 initial mistakes that guys have when it comes to attracting women:

  1. They think that making the girl comfortable or “friend-like” will make her want him more
  2. They simply don’t understand how to create attraction and naturally fall into the friend zone by not taking action – they took too long to make a move.

The friend zone is a huge topic and there is so much to know about.

But here is the great thing: Once you understand what it is and how to escape from it it can really help you in your dating life.

When a girl puts you in the friend category it basically means that she doesn’t yet see you as a romantic interest.

nice girl by the lake

She is too comfortable with you.

You may have heard that women want a challenge. Becoming friends with them will send the message that there is no challenge. She already knows what your status is with her.

Always try and be a bit mysterious. Make the girl wonder about you and if you like her. But give her enough interest so that she feels that you might be attracted to her.

But here is the best tip I can give you now:

The best way to get out of the friend zone is to avoid it in the first place.

Once she labels your relationship as just being good friends, it is hard to escape it. This is why first impressions are important and have such a huge effect in the dating game. Relationships that start on the right foot tend to be stronger and create a better romantic attraction.

Look guys, when a woman really likes you she won’t be saying such things:

  • “Your a great guy, but I just want to be friends”
  • “I am too busy now with other things, lets just be friends”
  • “We have known eachother for too long now, I don’t want to ruin our friendship”

One of the biggest signs that you are in the friend zone is this:

She doesn’t do sexual things with you. Or she still flirts with you but it is only for validation.

And things can get tricky, so read more to fully understand the friend zone and how to get of it, or avoid it.

Best Tips on Getting Out of The Friend Zone

As I was saying before, the best to not fall into this trap is to avoid it in the first place. But there are still ways that you can escape this and create attraction with a woman. Here are the best ways that actually work.

Don’t Act Like A Friend

Simply don’t act like a friend to her. Sounds easy right? But doing it is a whole other story. This does not mean that you become rude or disrespectful. It simply means that you make it known to her that you have some romantic interest in her.

This is especially important at the start of the interaction. The less you act like a friend, the more chance you have to avoid the friend zone.

Once you get these types of texts you are in the friend zone

Limit the time you spend talking and texting to her about things that don’t create attraction. What do friends do? they counsel each-other on their problems and are always giving advice to each-other.

pretty girl

Stop doing these types of things with women so they stop putting you in the friend category.

Remain Mysterious

Friends are always there for each-other right?

Friends can predict each-others behaviors. This is exactly what you don’t want if you want to create attraction with a woman. Have some unpredictable behavior in your characteristics. Let her guess where you are and what you are doing.

Being boring is a sure sign of staying in the friend zone, one of the ways to escape it is to be mysterious.

Make The Woman Feel That You Are Wanted

This one is probably the best way to get out of the friend zone, especially if you have been in there for a long time. It is very effective to create attraction.

Once a girl can see that you are desired by other girls it makes them want you more. They start seeing your value as a man. They put you in the category of desired man.

The ladies love it when they have to compete for the attention of a high value man. It turns them on.

There is something called “pre-selection” in the seduction world. Essentially, it means that the man is already “pre-approved” by other women. They see that as a sign that the man is attractive enough for them.

This is especially powerful if she actually sees you being with other women, and if they are on the same level (or better) than her — in physical appearance.

Don’t Take Too Long – Escalate

As I briefly mentioned earlier: one of the biggest reasons men fall into the friend zone is because they took too long to make a move. They did not escalate romantically.

Knowing how to escalate to create attraction is a whole article on its own. But the easiest way to do this is to slowly and consistently make moves on the girl so that she knows you are interested in her. Make good eye contact to create attraction.

Remember: friends don’t escalate. Friends don’t make moves in each-other. So keep these in mind and don’t be afraid to make a move on the girl.

Taking too long to make a move on a lady will make her lose attraction for you very fast, which results a long-term stay in the friend zone.

Have an Abundance Mentality

This one is more philosophical. Avoiding the friend zone depends a lot on your mindset about dating and women. You want to be in a state of mind that there are many other girls that you could meet and get to know.

Don’t just give all your attention and time to just one woman. She will quickly sense that she is all you want and it can limit the amount of attraction she can have for you.

When a man has a abundance mentality it shows in his actions and his characteristic traits. Women can sense a man that has an abundance mentality. They never thing of such men as friends, they think of them as potential partners, lovers, or companions.

So keep in mind that your mental outlook on life has a lot to with creating attraction, and avoiding becoming a buddy to women.

Final Thoughts on the Friend Zone

If you are one of the guys that is now in the friend zone don’t worry. Even though it can be hard to escape it, it is still possible. As long as you follow what I said you will have a great chance of changing the situation.

Getting out of the friend zone can take longer, depending how long you have been in their.  So if you find that you are labeled as such from a girl then quickly take some action to rectify your position.

Finally, remember that your strength as a man is to take action. Polarize the women and ask them out on dates. Don’t be scared to take action. It is much better to take action than to be label as another guy in her friend zone.