Solo Travel in the Philippines: The Single Man’s Guide

If you are planning to travel to the Philippines as a single man then you should know all you need to know about that place. One of the great things about Filipinos is that they are very friendly. As long as you stay safe, the Philippines can be an amazing vacation for singles.

The Philippines culture is inviting, and they generally are very accepting of other nationalities that visit the country. There is no point to fear traveling alone.

And as I have said many times, this country can be a paradise for single men. Read the my guide on the girls in the Philippines to get the full low down on them and what to expect

Philippines Flag

The Philippines has become more popular the past decade as a tourist hot spot. The infrastructure has got much better over the last few years. Another key point is that travel in the Philippines is very affordable.

In this article I will give you a guide for the people who are planning to go there alone. You will know what to expect – and plan for.

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Recommended Cities For Single Guys

Manila. The capital city. It is probably also the most expensive city in the Philippines. Especially if you stay around the financial district of Makati. Manila has a great nightlife scene. Plenty of bars, restaurants, and gogo bars to keep you singles busy. It also has some really nice shopping malls.

Metro Manila Sunset - Solo Travel in the Philippines

One of the drawbacks of Manila is the traffic. Simply put it has one of the worst traffic congestion in the world, especially during rush hour. Another important issue with Manila is the safety.  Generally speaking it is safe, just be smart about where you travel alone at night. I can’t say I would recommend Manila to solo travel for beginners.

In the Mabini and Malate districts it is not the safest place at night alone.

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Cebu. Cebu is located in the central region of the Philippines. It is a wonderful city and much safer then Manila. Cebu is the name of the province and the capital city. There are world-class beaches in the area.

It is very popular among travelers that like to do sight-seeing, and visit the beaches and mountain scenery. It can be an excellent solo adventure here. Make sure to check out Kawasan Falls in Cebu Philippines.

Cebu Philippines - Solo Travel

Cebu city also has a great nightlife scene for you to enjoy as a single man. Cebu is my favorite city in the Philippines. You will enjoy this place a lot if you are planning a solo travel in the Philippines. Cebu has everything you need, and is very affordable.

Angeles. If you like to party and get wild, this place is for you. Angeles City is world famous for its seedy red light district. There are countless girly bars and gogo bars for you to enjoy. As a solo male traveler you will love it there.

One of the drawbacks about Angeles city is that there isn’t really much to do besides partying. It is great for a few nights stay though, just to experience it. If you are planning a solo travel in the Philippines and want to experience red light districts, then I highly recommend this place.

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Bohol. This place is famous for its Chocolate Hills – a region with chocolate looking mountainous hills.

Borocay. Borocay is also world renowned for its world class beaches. It can be a great experience to go their alone and relax for a few days. Of course you will never feel alone as the Filipinos are very friendly. There are also many other tourists there to meet.

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Accommodations and Prices

One of the first things you will need is a place to stay during your trip. You have a couple of options in the Philippines, here they are


There are plenty of hotels in the Philippines, especially in the major cities. Hotels are quite affordable here, you can find decent rooms in the $30-40 range. Of course you can even find even cheaper depending on your budget, and searching skills.

Philippines Hotels Solo Travel

Location is also a reason here. In Manila it can get a bit pricey for the better hotels.


This has become more popular the past few years. If you search you can find some great deals, especially for the long-term savings. In the major cities there are much more listings these days, and pretty good prices. One of the advantages of travelling solo is that you can be more flexible in your preferences and choices. SO take advantage of it and plan your trip and accommodation according to what you want.

Getting Around – Transportation

Getting around in the Philippines is not that difficult, especially if you are a solo traveler. Here are some of the ways to get around:

Taxi. This is one of the best ways to get around. In the major cities there are lots of taxis available at any time of the day. The prices are very reasonable too.

Grab Service. If you are familiar with the Grab brand then you will like it in the Philippines. Most of the cities have this service. Both Grab Car and Grab Taxi is available. It is very convenient and reliable here. UBER used to be available, but at the time of this writing it is now banned.

Jeepney. This is the most popular form of transportation for the locals in the Philippines. It is very cheap, and the service is widely available in almost all the cities.

Jeepney - Philippines

It is now used something like a shuttle van that picks up passengers going along the same route. It can be compared to a very small bus. They are old military service Jeeps that have been modified and transformed.

The Philippines is Similar to Thailand, I recommend both places as they will give you a great traveling experience.

How To Meet People

One of the great things about the Philippines is the friendly and inviting culture. The locals here are very accepting of travelers that come and visit the place. There are many solo expats who have made the Philippines their home, or ended up getting a in a relationship here.

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In major cities like Manila and Cebu you should check out all the local venues such as the live music bars and nightclubs. You will be sure to meet many people, especially other tourists in the area.

Live Music

In the more remote cities be sure to check out the tourist site seeing places. There

The local crowd is very social. You will find the restaurants, lounges, and night clubs filled with people enjoying with one another. This country is one the best places to travel alone to.

There are also many solo locals who are very open to meeting foreigners. This is especially true of the women of Philippines who are world famous for making excellent romantic partners. If you are a male solo traveler you will have no problem meeting girls here. The Philippines is great for single male travel.

Conclusion on Solo Travel in the Philippines

My experience traveling solo in the Philippines has been pretty good. Yes there are some drawbacks because it is not as developed as some other countries. However, there are many great things about this place and it is surely worth visiting. As a solo traveler you will have no problem enjoying yourself here.