How to Use Your Gut Instinct in Relationships and Situations in Your Life

Being able to use your gut instinct is a special thing. It can help you navigate your relationships and different scenarios that come and go in your life. This is something that all of us are born with, but due to daily living and so much external influences, our awareness to our gut feelings is not always clear or easy to recognize. You have to be able to trust the messages that your intuition is trying to tell you, and act on them without judgement.


This is not always easy to do. It usually requires a high degree of awareness — to yourself, and to the situations around you.

But what is the meaning of “gut instinct”? It means having a certain feeling, hunch, or intuitive thought and inclination about something.

Have you ever been on a roller coaster, or ever been scared suddenly? Remember that strange feeling you feel right in the pit of your stomach or gut? It almost feels like some form of energy is present there. It is especially obvious when something dangerous happens. It also gets activated when you have a strong intuition about something. Pay close attention to this area when you want to know more about something.

There is a very important reason as to why we feel this thing in the gut. There is a special energy center or “chakra” located in this area of the body. It is known as the center of your body, and one of the main energy nodes of the body. If you are a person that is sensitive (or aware) enough, you will be able to tune into the energy. You can receive guidance or hunches about things. You give yourself a chance to take the best action for yourself, your relationships, and other decisions that come in your life.

Relationships and Dating

Lets make one thing clear now, we won’t always make the right choices in dating, relationships and love. We all learn from mistakes, and that is one of the best ways to grow as a person. But it is still important to make the best choices for yourself after your mistakes. This is why learning how to use your gut instincts is such a powerful way to navigate through your relationships and understand your partners.

Whenever you tune into your intuition there is always an answer that comes first, usually that answer or “feeling” is the correct one about the person you are dating or in a relationship with.

The hard part is this: will you listen to the message or discredit it and put it to the side? After that first message your emotions may get in the way and cloud your judgement.

Trust The Feeling

My advice is this: If you have a clear mind and good connection to yourself and your heart, then trust this feeling. It is usually right. Remain confident about the choice and own up to it. Very rarely will this message from your intuition be wrong.


And here is another interesting thing: sometimes the answer may feel like it is wrong in the present, but usually in the long-term or future it turns out to be the right decision. Trust yourself.

Having repeated feelings about something or someone is also an indicator that your intuition is trying to give you a message. It is usually the right thing to do to listen to these things and take action. We might get mixed signals from our intuition at times, but repeated hunches about things is usually right.

The main things about relationships is that our feelings can come between making the right decisions. What feels good, isn’t always what is best for us.

In relationships, good sex, having fun, and dating someone beautiful can cloud your judgement about the person and what their intent is. It can also blind you from their other negative behaviors. It can also give you insights when someone makes eye contact with you, or with their body language.

3 Big Clues That Your Gut is Telling You Something About Your Partner

#1. You keep having feelings that you can’t trust them. There are times when we feel like we can’t trust someone, and this feeling keeps repeating itself. This is usually a good indicator that your gut instinct is trying to tell you something. Do the right thing, listen and take action.

#2. You keep having feelings that you are not acting like your true self around them. Being around someone who is close to you should feel natural. It should also make you feel like you are being yourself and acting truthfully to your morals and lifestyle. Sometimes we are around people and we can feel in the pit of our stomach that we are not being “true to ourselves”. If this feeling keeps repeating itself with someone you are close with it is an indicator that your intuition is trying to give you and important message.

#3. You keep feeling like you lose energy being around them. Have you ever been with someone where you felt your energy depleting when you were around them? This could be a partner, friend, or even colleague. Pay close attention to this. For one reason or another, sometimes certain people just don’t match us, on a deeper energetic level. It can drain us of energy and we can feel like we lose energy and not gain it when being around them. This can be an indicator that your instincts are giving you a message about the person.

On the contrary, there are times when you seem to feel energized being around someone. This is also an indicator that your intuition is trying to tell you this person is beneficial for you.

All these things can be subtle, which takes some deeper insights to sometimes recognize. But if you take a closer look you will see that there are messages always given to you from your instincts.

Why Some People Can’t Feel Their Gut Instinct

Although most of us are able to feel this energy present in our gut, some of us have a hard time tuning into it. The reason why this happens is because they have a weak mind-body connection. There energy is scattered, or they could be too stressed to make the right choices. It could also be that they just can’t see the repeated signals and messages they are being told from their intuition.

Another big reason is that people can be emotionally unstable. Remember that your gut instinct is something that is spontaneous and natural, but sometimes your mind or emotions can get in the way and cause the connection to get weaker or dull. This is why people sometimes make the wrong choices with relationship, partners, friends, and other people who come in their life. Their emotions get in the way.