Hanoi Nightlife Guide: The Best Tips for Foreigners [UPDATED 2019]

The Hanoi nightlife is pretty good, however, I wouldn’t say that is better than Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). But Hanoi does offer amazing nightlife activities for all travelers that come to Vietnam, and the street food is some of the best in all south east Asia

Generally speaking, Hanoi is slightly more “conservative” than Saigon. The nightlife consists of plenty of:

  • nightclubs
  • night market
  • bars
  • lounges
  • massage and spas
  • karaokes

As you can see there are tons of things to see and do, check out more below for the nightlife tips in Hanoi.

people enjoying the nightlife in Hanoi

By the way, you may have heard that Hanoi has red light districts, and if you need a guide on that then read:

The great thing about the nightlife in Hanoi is that it caters to all types of travelers. If you want “hi-so” quality it has that. If you just want a authentic Vietnamese experience (or street food) it has that too. Hanoi also has backpacker hot spots if you like that. And for you single guys, this city has tons of single girls that are open to meet foreigners.

Even just hanging out and sipping on a cold Bia Hoi can be a cool experience. The Bia Hoi is a local beer that is very popular among the Vietnamese people.

There are many foreigners that travel alone in south east Asia. If you still haven’t gone on a trip alone yet maybe its time to take the plunge. It can be a great experience.

And that is exactly why I recommend Hanoi for guys to check it out. Not only can it be an amazing nightlife experience, it also give you a chance to meet the lovely Vietnamese girls. The local women in Hanoi are some of the best in all of south east Asia, so don’t miss out.

If your single than read my online guide to easily meet them them using the popular chat app.

Top 3 Main Nightlife Areas in Hanoi

  • Old Quarter. Probably the cheapest prices for drinks, bars, and just chilling out. You will find younger Vietnamese locals here. This nightlife area in Hanoi is also popular for the backpacker crowd and many other foreigners.
  • The Historical Center. This area is consider the hi-so area, considered more upscale. Expect to see plenty of fancy type bars and clubs with many foreigners and rich locals partying here.
  • The West Lake .This nightlife hot-spot in Hanoi is more popular among expats. Due to its mid-budget prices it is also a bit more higher class than the Old Quarter. You will find local Vietnamese people over 25 age range here.
Hanoi nightlife - People Dancing At a Bar in Hanoi

So definitely check out all hot-spot including the Hanoi red light areas to get a full experience of the city.

Old Quarter

The Hanoi Old Quarter is located just north of Hoan Kiem Lake, and is very popular among the Younger Vietnamese girls in Hanoi. Here you will find tons of bars with more of a intimate setting. The place isn’t that big at at all and gets very busy due to its popularity and the amount of foot traffic it gets.

A nightlife location in Hanoi
Local Bar in Hanoi’s Old Quarter District

When you think of chilling on small stools in Vietnam this is the type of place that usually comes to mind.

Hanoi’s “Beer Corner” is sort of like a walking street where you can check out the different bars all within the same area.

Some noteworthy Bars include:

  • Local. Top 40 and EDM hits played by DJ’s
  • Dragonfly. Popular yet smaller place with Top 40/Pop
  • Factory 47. Another popular bar, many foreigners with a hipster vibe

For nightclubs Hanoi’s Old Quarter you have these well-known venues:

  • Hair Of The Dog. Both locals and plenty of foreigners. Playing mostly top 40 and mainstream music. Two floors.
  • 1900 Le Theatre. A great modern club, very poplar among foreigners and locals. Lots of cute Vietnamese women here. Playing mostly Hip Hop and EDM.
Hair of The Dog Club - nightlife in Hanoi
Hair Of The Dog Nightclub

Historical Center

As mentioned before, this area has tons of trendy and upscale venues for you to see. You’ll see plenty of Hi-So Vietnamese locals here, and also a few foreigners and expats who come here to party.

Expect prices to be highest in Hanoi, but also very good quality bars, restaurants and lounges.

For the bars in the Historical Center you have these well-known places:

  • Tadioto. Easily one of the most popular bars in Hanoi. Worth checking out but it has a unique vibe and crowd.
  • Cosa Nostra. Next to Tadioto so you can check out both places. Cool place to chill on the terrace, has 2 floors.
  • Opera House. Great if you enjoy classical music, opera, or concerts. When you are in town just check what events they have for the latest shows.

For the nightclubs:

  • The Bank. One of the biggest clubs in Hanoi. DJ’s playing commercial and Top 40 hits. An excellent place in Hanoi to meet some beautiful Vietnamese girls. Also has freelance prostitutes.
  • Camelia. One Hanoi’s trendy clubs located in Melia Hotel. An excellent place to check out if you want a chic crowd. More of a mature crowd, most foreigners over 40.

West Lake

Also known as Tay Ho District, The West Lake area is upscale hot-spot that caters mostly to wealthier Vietnamese crowd. Of course you will also find plenty of expats here too.

For bars in West Lake Area:

  • The Republic. An excellent expat-owned bar. Perfect for watching sports and eating pub style western food.
  • Standing Bar. Has two floors and a nice outdoor area with views over-looking the lake. The have live music and small shows like stand-up comedy for entertinament. For food they got tapas and many type of craft beers.
  • Sidewalk. An outdoor style hipster cafe very popular with the locals. Good place to see small live shows and bands in Latin, Hip-Hop, and Reggae styles.

Check out these popular clubs:

  • Hero. Very popular and one of the must visit clubs in Hanoi. Also a great place to meet sexy Vietnamese women. Has 2 floor playing the best club music.
  • Savage. DJ’s playing Techno/Deep/Underground style house music. One of the newer clubs in Hanoi and is popular with locals and foreigners/expats.

Hanoi Nightlife Tips

Now you know the best areas to check out. Keep in mind that most bars will close around 1AM.

For the dress code in clubs it is best to check on their Facebook page or web sites to see what the policy is. But my general recommendation for clubs is to wear pants/jeans and nice polo style shirt.

Of course it also depends which club you go to. For the upscale places you definitely want to look your best, especially if you plan to pick up the local Vietnamese chicks.

Remember, if you have some good social skills and game you can do really well with ladies here. The local Vietnamese women are really sweet. You should also read the following to help you with some attraction skills.

For after hours you can check out Hero and Savage since they usually close at 3AM and 4AM respectively