How to Meet Girls in Hong Kong & Tips on Dating them

The girls in Hong Kong are plentiful. And in this guide I will show you you where to meet them, and also some amazing dating tips. Once you read this you will get a good idea of the city, and the best place to pick up them up.

how to meet girls in hong kong

Hong Kong is a huge city, so you will need to know where to go, and the type of vibe to expect from each area. The great thing is that due to the big population, you will always find women in Hong Kong that are open to meeting foreigners.

It doesn’t matter if you want to meet them in the clubs, bars, online or the streets. There is many options. And if you are the type of guy that likes Asian girls, then you will surely love this city. Simply for the fact that there is so much entertainment around Hong Kong.

Best Areas To Meet Hong Kong Girls

The first thing for you to know is that all the areas mentioned here give you an opportunity to party — thus give you a chance to meet the women. Once you know about these places in Hong Kong you can visit each area and see how you like it.

And keep in mind, each area will have its own vibe and benefits that come with it. So as I always recommend, check them all out and see the advantages they have. Either way I will list the best foreign oriented Hong Kong nightlife areas.

Here they are:

Lan Kwai Fong

Most of the girls in Hong Kong party in the Lan Kwai Fong district. The reason is simple, a large portion of the bars and nightclubs are in this area. So it attracts some of the sexiest women in the city. And this also attracts the most foreigners, so you won’t feel out of place.

It is a well-known party and pick up spot. This area gets busy, so you can even just hang out on the street and meet so many girls. Especially if you have a bit of game, this area can be amazing. It is not hard to pick up a girl here and get laid that same night. The girls will be open to meet foreigners because they are used that type of scene here. Some well known streets are the following:

  • Lyndhurst Terrace
  • Shelley Street
  • Wyndham Street

Wan Chai

This area is quite fun, especially if you want experience the Hong Kong red light district. Yes, most of the girls in the area are freelancers or working girls, but it can still be an amazing time. Even more so if you want that type of experience.

But keep in mind, there will still be many “normal” women who come to party in this area. So definitely give Wan Chai a try, especially on Wednesday nights (ladies night). Of course weekends are the prime time to come here as well.

Many of the clubs and bars will have other Asian girls working as freelancers or prostitutes. Expect to find other nationalities like Thai, Vietnamese, Filipina, Malaysian, Indonesian. So there is a wide variety of them here.

The site I use to meet Hong Kong Women

Daytime Pick Up Places

As with any other big city, you have a few options to pick up girls during the day. The Hong Kong Malls and shopping centers are good. Other options are places where people go to work, or gather to hang out. So around the subway (MTR) areas are great for seeing some beautiful women coming and going.

Financial centers are also amazing for meeting some professional Hong Kong Women. The best areas in this regard will be International Finance Center, Times Square, Harbor City, Pacific Place.

Girls Online

As with every city I go to, I always use the online dating sites to my advantage. The reason is simple: it gives me access to the most amount of girls possible, plus it is so convenient. For best results, I use this site here.

Every guy should be using the Hong Kong online dating sites to meet girls in any city they go. Not only can it save you time, but it also saves you money. How? Because rather than always going to clubs and bars to pick up girls you can do it for free from your smartphone of laptop.

And here is another important thing. The girls in Hong Kong are a bit shy (like most Asians). So if you want to pick them up in the daytime you better have some game and look good. But online is a bit easier.

You can start chatting with them and setting up dates. The girls online are much more responsive to your advances. And if your profile pictures are decent, they will even start the conversation with you.

There is another advantage of meeting Hong Kong girls online. Sometimes you can casually meet someone as a friend, but then she will start to like you. Or maybe you want someone to show you around the city, you can find a guide. And from there you will feel more comfortable, and maybe even meet her friends.

The point is that using online dating in a foreign city has so many advantages, that if you don’t use it you won’t be giving yourself the best chances to meet the locals.

Hong Kong Nightclubs and Bars

dragon-i nightclub in Hong Kong

As mentioned previously, feel free to explore the areas noted above. And these are some of the popular nightclubs and bars where you will have the best opportunities to meet some beautiful Chinese girls in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dating Advice For Foreigners

As always, make sure that you look your best, and come with a great attitude. Although some of the girls are conservative, those same girls will let loose pretty quickly after a few drinks in one of the venues I mentioned above.

A great thing to do is to stay near the nightlife areas, so you can get to and from the venues easily. Also make sure that you study the MTR subway lines so you know how to get around for cheap price. Of course there is always taxi and ride share apps available.

The best date during the day are always things where you and her can be doing something. So walking around a mall is good, hitting up a park is also good.

Remember, the first date should be very casual. This gives you a chance to meet her and see her interest level. Once she is interested you can go to one of the clubs or rooftop bars for some drinks and enjoy the nightlife.

Girls in Hong Kong Like to Party

The best late night options are to hit up a club. The music and ambience really prepare you both for a good time. And dancing is one of teh best ways to build a bond with a girl. Especially in a foreign place, since most of the girls will not be speaking good English. So you want to do things without the need to always verbally communicate together. And dancing and drink is one the best ways to do that.

On a final note, Hong Kong is not a cheap city. Be prepare to spend some money if you come, but it is worth it. Especially if you know where to go, so you don’t waste time and money. And in this guide I have showed you guys the ways I personally meet girls in Hong Kong. So I know first hand they are effective.

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