How to Get Laid EASILY: Abroad, Local, and Online in 2019

This will be one of the most definitive articles on how to get laid. And I know this it is no easy task to write about this topic. But hopefully from all my experience I can help many of you guys out.

We will look at the process of hooking up with, but we will even go further into the topic. Getting laid worldwide. And this is something that many guys fail to talk about. Especially in today’s modern world in 2019

3 Best Ways to Get Laid

You don’t only have to focus on the women in your city. There are hot women from other countries that you can hook up with. This method of international seducing is something that can be very fun. And it is something that all guys should try.

Everybody wants to sleep with beautiful women, and in order to do that you will need to step up your game and learn a few important things (approaching, flirting, etc).

Women Want to Get Laid

One of the most important things you must learn is that women want to have intimate encounters. Women want to meet guys and sleep with them too. The biggest myth is that women will only sleep with someone they are dating. This might have been true in the old days, but in today’s modern world things have changed.

Women are open to guys sexual advances. The reason why guys might fail in the seduction process is because they are not confident in their actions. And they don’t know what type of character traits to have to cause the sexual attraction.

Women Want to Get Laid

I have been to so many countries and got laid with so many different women. One of the most important things I learned is that all women are really looking for the same things in a man they would sleep with.

The 3 Best Ways to Get Laid

Here I will tell you the 3 best ways to get hook with women. These are the things that I do and also many guys are doing these days.

Back in the day there was really just one way to meet women. That was in your local area/city and meeting them at public places, clubs, bars, school. But there are other great ways to get lucky that may work even better than that. So check out these great ways to bang girls.


This one is simple. You need to start meeting girls when you go out. It doesn’t matter if this is your own hometown or in another city. The point is that you are focusing on the girls around you.

And also on the girls that are within your potential. Don’t aim for too high. If you are a 6/10 man you should be aiming for girls in the 5,6,7 Range.

If you are 8/10 guy then you should be going for girls in the 7,8,9 Range.

These are just examples, but it is good thing to keep in perspective to increase your chances.

But remember, it helps to improve your looks you get the most attention from the women. Make sure you look your best and go to places with lots of girls around. Social places. You will see that girls will start to give you signs to talk to them. When they do this you must approach them and start causing attraction. And here is how that process usually works:

  1. The girl becomes aware of your existence and will give some signs for you to approach her.
  2. You approach her and start causing attraction
  3. You lead the interaction and escalate to touch/kiss
  4. Take her somewhere so both of you can be alone together
  5. Start kissing and touching – eventually sleeping with her.

It really is simple, but you must understand that process and actually cause the attraction. The way to do this is to lead the interaction and make the girl feel comfortable. You do this by being confident the entire time, and having a relaxed vibe. If you feel comfortable and confident, she will too.

As a man you control the interaction. It is not really about the words that you say to her. It is more about your own confidence and how you feel inside. When you approach a girl your main goal is to make her feel your confidence and relaxation level.  Even Good body language is important and can help you in the attraction process.

If you can’t make her feel these things you will probably fail to pick her up.

Travel to Different City/Country

This method is becoming more popular these days and it is something so many guys are doing. Traveling to another country these days is not as hard as it once was. You can easily book a flight and hotel and go anywhere you want. And thanks to the internet, you can even research on which places are good for single guys. Read my article about the best vacations for single guys to get laid.

Brazilian Girls

Remember, just because you aren’t successful in your own city does not mean that you will be that way in every city. Every guy has his own vibe and preferences and can be successful with different types of women. And this is why traveling can be a great thing.

You can hook up with women of other cultures and experience a new thing. And keep in mind, certain cultures and women are more open towards dating and casual hookups then others. So remember that hooking up easily with women can also depend on your geographical location.

This is exactly why this whole global traveling and seducing thing has been picking up. Because it works and is fun.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to conform and accept your current situation in your city or country. You can be free to experience the women of the world.

Online Dating

If you haven’t been using online dating to get laid then you better start. This is one of the best ways to meet more girls and create another method for you to hook up with them. Online dating is also great to do when you travel to a foreign city. You can easily meet the local women and set up dates.

One of the best things about online dating is that you get to meet all types of women. Some want just casual fun while others want to date and maybe get into a long term relationship or marriage.

Your dating profile is the first thing that women see online. So you should make sure that your pictures and descriptions are good. This means that only put up pics of yourself that are appealing and interesting. Quality is better than quantity. A couple good pictures will work better than many pictures that aren’t good. Your pictures should also show you at a certain place. For example, have one adventurous picture of you at a scenic place. One with you in a social setting (concert, restaurant, festival, wedding), and one solo picture like a selfie. The most important thing is to have variety. You can get laid easily by making your profile appealing to women online.

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Make Women Feel Attracted to You

You can’t get her if she feels no attraction for you. This a crucial and important step that all guys need to know. You don’t need to be super good-looking to hook up with the hottest women. And you don’t need to be the worlds #1 seducer to bang the best girls. But you need to have at least one or the other. If you are good in both categories then you will be getting laid super easy. And the great thing is that almost all guys can get better in at least one of these categories. There are two ways that you can cause attraction and they both work good:

Physical Looks

This is the simplest way to increase your chances to get laid and it is not as complicated as you may think. You simply have to become above average in your physical appearance. And the great thing is that you can have control over the most powerful things in this regard. Here are the things you should focus on:

  • Body Weight: Get to under 12% body fat (Very possible for most people)
  • Nice clothes: Wear clothes that fit you and make you better looking
  • Body Posture: Have confident body language

If you do all these things you will be above average in physical appearance. This is will make a huge effect on your confidence levels leading to you getting laid more often. There is even more things you can do like get a nice hair style, or start adding some muscle depending on what type of look you are going after.

Mental Game

This is “psychological” mindset that you need to have to pick up women easily. You need to believe and trust yourself so you gain the right type of confidence.

Believe in Yourself to Pick up Women

Mental game can mean so many things but the most important things they mean to me are the following:

  • Confidence Level: Staying confident in all your actions and making the women feel that
  • Maintaining Frame: Staying strong in the midst of the conversations and tests that women give you (and they test you a lot)
  • Being a Leader: Knowing how to take charge of the interaction with women, and knowing that you are the man that leads yourself and women.
  • No Fear: Not having fear if you lose the girl. Knowing when to walk away and not feeling down about it. Not being afraid to lose.