How Women Perceive Men

If you know how woman perceive you, it can help you understand how they judge you. It also gives clues in what makes them want to know you more and be with you.

One thing that has been clear to me is how clueless most guys are when it comes to this. Generally speaking, guys are not that intuitive, and they are not as sensitive to their surroundings as women are. Women tend to use their instincts more,

On the other hand, women are very skilled at this. Like a dog that can smell fear. Women can sense what type of person you are. They can sense your confidence and fear. And if they can see it right away, they will ask you a few questions and wait to see how you respond. Either way they will judge and categories within minutes of knowing you.

This is really normal from natures perspective. A woman needs the skill to find the right men to be around her. To protect her, and her kids. They are looking for leadership and fearless qualities in a man. It is these two qualities which can really power all the other qualities that a man can have.

A woman will start to judge you and place you in categories the moment she becomes aware of your existence. This happens on a superficial and subconscious level. She might not always be aware that she is doing this.

A woman will judge you on the following things:

  • Your reaction to her
  • The way people respond (react) to you
  • Your ability to be fearless
  • Your body language
  • Your physical features
  • The way you react to the world (others)

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