How Your Body Language Affects Your Mental State


Many guys don’t really pay attention to their body language. And they should because it can not only increase confidence levels, but it can change the psychological state of mind to make you more self aware of that increased confidence.

So not only does it affect you, but it also affects how people react to you and respond to you.

When I was younger in high-school and early parts of college I didn’t pay that much attention to my body language and what kind of signals it was sending out to the people and situations around me. It was only in social situations or when interacting with women when I would pay extra attention to it. It was only during those times when I was aware of it and tried to have positive body language signals. But during most normal activities I would never become aware of what type of vibe I was sending out to others.

As I grew up and became more experienced I started seeing patterns. I noticed how the following were so important to the way I felt about myself and the way people responded to me (especially women):

  • my posture
  • maintaining eye contact (or no eye contact)
  • how fast I moved (or walked)
  • How genuine my smile was
  • the pitch of my voice and the speed in which I spoke

Two Important Points About Body Language

1) When I was feeling good or had high confidence, these things (my body language) was naturally giving out good vibes and masculine signals. And When my confidence was low it would cause me to have bad body language.

2) Becoming aware of the this fact and paying attention to attractive body language would somehow increase my confidence and the positive vibes I was giving out. It also made me more aware of females and their body language cues when they like a guy.

What does this mean?

It means the the there is a “cycle” here that needs to be kept up if you want to send out attractive vibes to the people and women around you.

Those times when you want to be extra confident, you need to pat EXTRA attention to the way you carry yourself. And if you do this you will create a better psychological state that exudes better confidence.

So not only can your body language affect your mental state, but your mental state can affect the way you move, stand, talk and look at people.

Those times when you are feeling down, or need a boost in self confidence is when you should pay attention to your thoughts and your body language. So naturally most people do these things when they are in social situations, but only some guys can maintain it naturally in their day to day lives.

Once it becomes a habit it will be very natural and “automatic” for you to have a positive and self confident posture, attractive eye contact, and speech patterns.