Is It Easy to Pick Up Girls in Medellin for Foreigners?

One of the questions I get asked by a lot of guys is if picking up girls in Medellin is easy these days.

The reason why they ask this is because as of late Medellin has been getting a lot of foreign visitors (especially younger guys) that solely come there in hopes of picking up Colombian girls and getting to know them more.

picking up girls in medellin

So in this article I wanted to write on this topic and hopefully give you guys a better understanding of exactly how easy it can be, and what to expect with the girls in Medellin and the rest of Colombia.

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The reality now is that it is not as easy as it once was to approach women in Medellin and easily hook up with them. However, it is still very doable and effective if you understand what the women in Medellin are like.

The reason is because “gringos” (foreigners as they are called in Colombia) have had a bad reputation lately for being sex tourists and only going to Medellin for the women and to hook up with them. And unfortunately this stereotype still exists. Many men still go to Medellin for the Nightlife and Red Light Districts.

But it doesn’t mean that all foreigners get judged this way. A lot of it has to do with the way you present yourself and how you act.

And one of the best ways to meet them using the online dating apps. This is the probably one of the most effective ways now.

3 important Tips About Picking Up Girls in Medellin

Stay Humble and Respectful

A great way to stand out from other gringos is to be humble and respectful when approaching the girls, or when partying in the clubs.

Don’t just assume that all the girls will give you attention because you are a foreigners. If you come with that mindset things will not go in your favor. Be respectful, kind, and social.

Look Your Best

This one is obvious. But if you want to impress the local Medellin girls then you should look your best and dress nice. This simple means to make sure your clothes are clean and look good on you. And also make sure that you are clean, smell good, and are making an effort to look attractive.

Trust me, it makes a huge difference. These Latin ladies will give you a lot of attention if they see that you stand out from the other guys.

Show Genuine Interest in The Colombian Culture

Try and stand out from other guys by showing your genuine interest in the Colombian culture.

Learn some Spanish and try to have some light conversation with them. I have noticed that these girls get impressed if you make an effort to speak in Spanish.

It also helps to learn a bit about there culture and the ways people interact with each other. I have noticed that a little bit of genuine interest in them makes them more approachable and willing to take the time to know you more.

So yes it can be easy still to pick up girls in Medellin. This is the reason why it still remains a popular destination for single guys. You just need to become familiar with the vibes and attitudes of the women.

But in any case it still remains an advantage to take note of the things I mentioned in this post.