Kawasan Falls in Cebu Philippines: A Magical Place!

The very first time I heard about Kawasan Falls was while dating a girl in the Philippines. I was vacationing in the Philippines and we met online. As we were eating our meal at the Ayala Terraces in Cebu City, she asked me if I had ever been there. She was saying how beautiful it was and that it would be one of the best water falls I would ever see. We agreed to check it out together as she knew how to get there and all the details.

Kawasan Waterfalls in CebuI wanted to write an article on it as it was such an amazing experience. I recommend everyone to check out When they are in Cebu Philippines.

Kawasan Falls is a beautiful series of natural waterfalls in the Philippines province of Cebu. It is very popular among tourists as a must-see thing. It can get a a bit crowded to its popularity, especially in the high season. I recommend to go during less busy times of the year – perhaps on a weekday if you want to have a more relaxed experience.

The waterfall has a color unlike anything I have seen before. It is literally turquoise. You can take your time and swim in different bodies of water.

There are also restaurants, mini bars, and other vendors that can sell you snacks and meals. There is also the option to go on a raft right next to the waterfalls.

Some great points are:

  • Amazing turquoise blue water
  • 3 Stages if waterfalls
  • Rafting and canyonnering
  • Snacks, restaurants, and seating available

You have a second option to book one of the Kawasan Falls canyoneering rafting tours which usually costs around P1500. This option is better for beginners who want to get a tour and are not familiar with the surroundings.

If you are the type that wants to be more independent you don’t need the tour. You are free to explore the Kawasan area on your own.

By the way, the Philippines is excellent for solo travel.

The main waterfall at Kawasan

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How to Get There

You have a couple of options on how to get there. The most popular way is to take a bus to the city of Badian, the city where the waterfalls are. Take the bus from Cebu City’s Southern Bus Terminal. There are buses that run regularly to Badian. You can ask around and people will also tell you which buses are going there.

It is around a 3 hour bus ride to the Falls. You can either get off at the main entrance to falls, or get off at the second entrance which is for people who want to do the canyoneering.

Once you get off at the main entrance you start walking on this really cool river trail – the result of the waterfalls. It is really magical and nice. It feels like you are in a lost tropical forest that is undiscovered.

The Trail to Kawasan Falls

As you walk more you will have to cross some small bridges to get to the other side of the river. That is gives you a nice view of the river.

Along the way to the actual Kawasan Falls you will pass some vendors that sell snacks, souvenirs, and other items which you may need. You can also buy fresh coconut juice from P10-30. Me and my girlfriend bought some on the way to the falls and on the way back. It really does quench your thirst. It is also filled with vitamins and minerals which you lose as you sweat. Highly recommend to drink the juice.

Here are some more details and pricing:

Bus Fare from Cebu City to Badian (each way): P120-150 (higher price for air-conditioned bus)

Entrance Fee: P40

Cayonnering: P1000

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The Cayoneering

The Canyoneering starts at Canlaob river section and continues downstream towards Kawasan Falls. But don’t worry you will go there with official guides to help you.

As many people come to enjoy the canyoneering aspect of it, it might be of interest for you as well. Once you arrive there will be guides available for hire. Personally I recommend to take your time choosing a guide.

Once you arrive at the main entrance you will see people offering you for their guide service. They will know where to take you as the canyoneering is at another entrance. The motorbike guys will take you there, and you will proceed to walk the rest of the way river.

It is surely something to experience if you are into that sort of thing. This place has some of the best enchanting scenery I have ever seen.

Kawasan Falls 2

Things to Bring

I recommend to bring a backpack along with you. I brought the following things with me:

Large towel. You will need this to dry yourself off or to use under you if you plan to sit down on the grounds.

Small towel. Used to wipe your hands or for any other spare use.

Phone & camera. Of course you will need this. You can listen to music, take pictures, or text to others what you are doing. Just know the reception is almost non-existent in this area.

Ziplock Waterproof bag for your phone. This will prevent your phone from water damage if you want to keep your phone on you while being in and around the water. You can also buy this from some of the vendors in the area.

Extra Clothes. Bring some dry clothes so you can change after on your way back. It is very hot and humid, and it will feel much better changing into clean clothes as you finish.

Swim shorts. If you plan on swimming in the water then don’t forget the swim gear.

Swimming socks. I don’t recommend to walk barefoot in the riverbed or in an around the falls. Some of the rocks are very slippery. If you plan to do some good exploring in the water, then bring a pair of swimming socks for some protection.

Philippines is similar to Thailand, they both have beautiful natural scenery.

Are there Big Crowds at The Falls?

One of the things about Kawasan Falls is that it is well-known. It is one of the sights that many tourist want to see while in Cebu Philippines. Because of this it does get a bit crowded, especially during the weekends. And if you go during the high season months it might be even more crowded.

Tourists at Kawasan Falls

If you want more privacy and a quieter experience then I would recommend for you to go during the weekdays in the early morning. If you are coming to Philippines during the low season is another way to take advantage of the fewer crowds.

Conclusion on Kawasan Falls

I think this place makes an excellent side trip while in Cebu. It is also an amazing place to take your date. She will surely have an amazing time. I plan on going back there the next time I am in Cebu.

Here are the pros:

  • One of a kind experience and nature site
  • Refreshing water, air, and beautiful scenery
  • Amazing for pictures and videos
  • Great place to take your date

Some things I didn’t like:

  • 3-4 hour bus ride from Cebu City
  • A little too much “touristy” for me
  • can get crowded

So over all it is a place I highly recommend. It was one of the best nature sites I have seen so far in my life, and I will return one day to see Kawasan Falls again.