Live Your Truth

Have you ever heard the saying “live your truth”?

But what does this really mean. And how can this saying help you achieve your freedom and success. Here are some things to consider.

Live With Intent

You would surprised to know how many people actually don’t live with intent. They choose things without really wanting it. They react to people and situations in ways that they really don’t mean. The problem with this is that it is bad practice. It makes a habit of not living with your true intentions, and not taking action on your instinct.

So start small if you have to. Pay more attention to the things that you really want. Here are somethings that you could have more intent in

  • How to speak to people and women
  • The clothes you want to where
  • The type of work that you really want to do
  • The type of friends around you
  • Did you really want that car? did you take the time to choose what you really wanted?
  • Your body language around women
  • Even, deciding on what to order at a restaurant

These are just simple things that will program you to act with your inner intent.

What you will notice over time is that you do it naturally, and this carries on to other more important decisions in your life. Reprogram your brain and pay more attention to the things you really want.

When I started to do this in my life, I started to get more powerful and achieve my goals. Simple situations and interactions became more meaningful too.

Be Your Own Leader

Nobody can lead you better than yourself. And as a man, sooner or later you will come to find this out.

As men, we need to be leaders. It is as simple as that. It is what nature intended as well. I can confidently say that being a good leader alone will get you many women. That is how powerful it is.

Start with yourself first. Have answer for yourself. Make choices and stick to it. If it doesn’t work out then it is OK to admit it and try something else. Being a leader doesn’t mean that you can’t fail.

In my life I have failed in some situations. But this is what made me into a stronger person and able to be a leader to myself and the people that cross my path. You can’t become successful at anything until you fall down and learn to get back up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

Living your truth automatically means you will be different. This is a good thing. Everyone has a unique path and mindset.

The guys that are taking chances and living their truths never care about what other’s think. Because think about it this way

What point is there to success if you are not satisfied with who you are?

Decide what motivates you and set goals to achieve it. Here are some examples:

You want more freedom in your job. Learn ways to make money doing independent work. It will not happen overnight, but you can find a new job or other ways to make you money and give you more freedom.

Maybe you want to free yourself of that bad relationship with your GF. Don’t be afraid to move on. And don’t ever be afraid to be alone to reset yourself. Sometimes a man needs time figure himself out before jumping back into a relationship.

An excellent way to experience new things and find out more about yourself is to Travel alone to a new place.

Are your friends negative and bringing you down? Do something about it. If you feel like you need time to figure out your life then do it. You can find some new friends anyway.

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