Medellin Girls: What to Expect & Where to find Them in Medellin

One of my favorite destinations in Latin America has always been Colombia, especially the city of Medellin. And one of the main reasons why is that the girls in Medellin are some of the most attractive in all of Central and South America.

Medellin also known as the “city of eternal spring” is an ideal location for single guys that want to have a great time traveling and meeting girls.

And if you are the type of guys that has already traveled to Asia, or Europe, and want a change, then Medellin is perfect for you. It will give you a fresh perspective on Colombian women.

You may be interest to know if picking up girls in this city is easy or not, if so read:

To some people, Colombia still has a bad reputation from the previous generation. Yes, it used to be more dangerous. Drugs and gangs were dominant, and you probably have heard about the violence that was plaguing the city of Medellin a few decades ago.

Beautiful Medellin Girls

But things have changed a lot since the Pablo Escobar era, and the Medellin nightlife has a much better reputation these days. Many of the areas are foreigner friendly and quite safe compared to before.

It is generally safe in Medellin, especially if you stay in the better areas. These areas are the middle and upper class hot spots and the places that the majority of foreign tourists visit. And these are usually the areas that most guys go to for picking up women in Medellin.

Medellin is inexpensive, has nice scenery, with a relaxed vibe.

The City of Medellin

The great thing about Medellin is that there are beautiful Colombian girls all over the place, and they are open to hooking up with foreigners. There are plenty of girls in the nightlife and red light areas in Medellin

But let me tell you this right now, they aren’t easy. I mean don’t expect to come to Medellin as a foreigner and have all the ladies infatuated by you. It used to be like that a while ago when being a foreigner here was rare, and picking up girls here was easy to do.

But now since more foreigners come here it takes a bit more to get the beautiful women in Medellin. But many guys travel around the world to get laid, and this is one of the reasons why many guys still come to Medellin.

If you are a foreigner and have some good pick up skills, and present yourself good you will do absolutely great in Colombia. And yes, there are stunners here.

The average girl you see in Colombia will be good looking, with a nice body. And you will see them everywhere, like parks, shopping malls, restaurants. In some cities to see these types of hot chicks require you to go out to clubs and bars. Yes, many of them do get some sort of plastic surgery. But overall they are attractive people.

But in Medellin you will see them almost everywhere.

So in this article I wanted to give you guys an overview of the pick up scene in Medellin. You will also get an idea of what the Colombian girls are like and where to meet them in Medellin.

Stay Confident and Respectful

If you are planning to come to Medellin for the girls then you should be aware of these important things I will tell you. First off, these Colombian chicks are very cultural. And even though they like the western lifestyle, they still have pride towards their country and culture.

And remember, most of them are very pretty. Even the older women look great for their age, and are quite hot

Girls in Medellin (2)

The girls know their value and how guys perceive them, especially the hotter ones.

If you can speak some Spanish that will be amazing. They will appreciate it and it will help with the communication aspect of picking them up. But generally you should remain respectful to their culture and city. It will look much better on you as a foreigner. You see, lately foreigners have had a slightly bad rep here.

They are known to the locals for only coming here to party for cheap and hook up with the beautiful Medellin women, and also the prostitutes. So the way you present yourself here can do wonders for you, and if you show confidence and respect at the same time the women will love it!

From my experience, the best attitude to have here is confidence, but in a respectful and humble way. Stand out from the other gringos (another term for foreigner). Be friendly, but don’t come across as being too nice or weak, or arrogant. And remember, some of the

The Different Types of Girls in Medellin

In Medellin there are different types of girls. You have the “good” girls. These are the non-prostitutes that you will see. They are more shy and reserved, and will usually never approach you. The good thing is that these Colombian girls usually give you clear signs that they like you.

They will give you good eye contact or body language signs that they are into you.

Make sure you give good eye contact with the women.

It is expected of you to approach them if you want to talk to them. And don’t forget, these are Latin American women. They like guys that are more direct and assertive in their actions.

Woman Walking in the Street in Medellin

And remember that Latin guys are also cool to make friends with. They will usually have no problem introducing you to girls, even their own sisters or cousins. Things are much more easy going in these types of countries.

If you have ever traveled to Cuba, Dominican, or other countries with the same  vibe you will know exactly what I mean. The local guys are rarely jealous of foreign guys, they actually encourage you to find girls. This is a great thing about Colombia as well.

There are also plenty of “freelancers” aka prostitutes in Medellin that are very open minded to meeting foreign guys for a good time. These girls will usually show you interest and it should be more obvious that she would like to be compensated financially if you hook up with her.

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There will also be girls that want to meet foreigners for serious relationship or marriage. So as you can see there are many options for guys. Read below for the different places to meet them

Meet Them on The Dating Sites

I am putting this section first because it can be such a easy way to meet women in Medellin using Colombian Cupid. The best thing to do is to make an online profile and put up a few pics and start chatting with girls.

You can filter down the ones you like based on your preferences and meet them. You could even start doing this prior to your arrival to build your potential dates. Many guys do this, including myself. Its the easiest and maybe even cheapest way to meet girls in Medellin.

Use this link here to sign up for free at Colombian Cupid and see how you like it.

Colombian Cupid Dating

Many women in Medellin are very keen on meeting foreign guys. An easy thing to do is to be casual and tell them you want to meet some friends, or someone to show you around. You could also say that you want to check out a few nightclubs and would like to go with them.

There will always be some cute Medellin girls that will be more than happy to meet — especially if your profile and pics are decent. If your pics are good you will notice that many of the girls even start to message you first.

They will really be more interested once you are actually in town, as you can put down your location in your profile and they will notice it. Finding girls on the dating sites is a must for any guy that travels and wants to meet them — especially the non “working” girls.

Medellin Girls in the Nightclubs

Going in the nightclubs is one of the best things to do in Medellin. It is a highly social setting, and the alcohol helps to loosen things up — for you and for the girls.

Colombian women are very social and they love to go out in groups to dance. And because of the loud music, you don’t really need to talk as much. A lot of it has to do with non-verbal communication like smiling, dancing, and eye contact. This can work in your favor as a foreigner. Most girls in Colombia are intrigued by foreigners anyway.

Your goal in Medellin’s foreign nightclubs is to scope out the scene, stay confident, smile and try and dance with the girls. When you get your drink at the bar is another good time to scope the scene and pick up girls. Usually girls will be around you ordering drinks or even trying purposely to get closer to you.

Bartender in a nightclub

Don’t just focus on one girl but try to just interact with all the women and be social. This is will help a lot, especially when you are alone. And remember, you could socialize with some of the guys too. This will make you more comfortable as well and give you some social proof in the club.

If you start doing these things and have a decent appearance you will notice that girls will start to come dance around you anyway. Then you can start to get more closer to certain ladies that you like. It is all about the vibe that you put out. These Colombian girls can notice these things and it will work highly in your favor.

The areas best for nightclubs is La Strada Mall and Parque Lleras. This are is also good for the bar scene which I will mention a bit later. Some of the well known ones are The Blue Bar, Club Babylon and Dulce Jesus.

Medellin Girls in the Bars

Heading out to the bars is another good way to meet them –especially the “normal” girls who are harder to get. You will find them chilling in small groups and drinking with their friends. The good thing is that they are open to meeting foreigners as the areas mentioned above (Parque Llera and La Strada Mall) are well know to foreigners and expats.

Parque Lleras nightlife scene

Parque Llera is a a huge park with a social vibe where many locals and tourists hang out. But around this area is also many bars with cute Colombian chicks in them. So you could just hang out here, drink and scope the scene. Feel free to socialize and check out many of the places.

La Strada Mall is a huge area and is very popular. It is one of the hangout spots for pretty much everyone. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. It is very easy to meet a girl here since it has more than just bars.

Check out the map below for the location of both hot spots.

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