Medellin Nightlife & Red Light District Guide in 2018

The nightlife in Medellin Colombia is one of the best in all of Latin America. Not only does Medellin have plenty of beautiful “normal” girls you can meet in the local bars and clubs, but it also has more than one red light district that is known to have hookers willing to go with customers for some cash.

Prostitution is legal in Colombia. It is one of the main driving factors of the tourism which attracts single guys year after year. So, as a single guy, you want to have options. This is why the Medellin is great and why I recommend for you to check it out.

Medellin at night, metropolitan area with mountains in the backround

It’s good to know what to expect about the girls in Medellin. So I will do my best here to guide you guys in the right direction. Once you go there yourself you will see how things work and get a good feel for it.

Being a single guy in this city is really a treat, especially if you have a bit of game and know your way around women (can dance in clubs) and the nightlife scenes.

Another unique thing about Medellin is that there are many “semi-pro” girls all over the place. These are girls that don’t consider themselves prostitutes, but they still go with guys for some money. This is especially true in the places which attract the most amount of tourist crowds.

The girls know that they can meet many foreigners and potentially make some extra cash in the side while having fun — partying and having drinks in the best bars and nightclubs.

Colombian girl holding hands with a foreigner in the Medellin Red light district

There are different types of women that you will run into. And getting to know more about Colombian women is something I recommend, so you have an idea of what to expect once you are in town.

So for single people, the Medellin nightlife can simply be a paradise and so much fun.

Set up an online dating account to easily meet friends or romantic interests with the locals. It is one of the most effective ways to meet people here, and its fun. Find a girl you like and take her to a rooftop bar. That is usually a great idea for a great start to your nightlife fun in Medellin.

But I do recommend you to keep your guard up and have some caution as this city is not always safe, especially at night in the dedicated red light areas north of the city.

Although the city has cleaned up its act since the Pablo Escobar days, drugs and violence still exists in Medellin (just less than before).

The Medellin nightlife is not always easy to navigate though, and if you haven’t been to the place yet it might even be a bit overwhelming at first. You will notice that there are big groups, prostitutes, pimps, and drugs that you can encounter in various places in Medellin.

But as I said before, if you stay confident, come with a good attitude (yet stay cautious) you will do just fine and even possibly have one of the best nightlife experiences of your life.

There is a reason why I mentioned Colombia as one of the best single travel destinations for guys.

Nightlife Areas to Know in Medellin

The most popular nightlife area in Medellin for foreigners is a place called Parque Lleras. It is not a “traditional” red light district, but due to the fact that it has many beautiful girls (“normal” girls and freelance/semi-pro prostitutes) it is one of the best places for you to be as a foreigner.

It has many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and is basically one huge hot spot which brings everyone together in a nice social setting. Even many of the waitresses working here are pretty cute…

Beautiful Colombian waitresses working at a restaurant in Parque Llera, A wel-known  Medellin nightlife area

It is located in the Poblado district. It is known to one of the safer and “upscale” nightlife areas in Medellin. I agree, for Colombian standards it is, but if you are coming from a well-developed country you will think it looks just normal.

This place is amazing even just to get few beers and drinks (prices are very reasonable) on the street and people watch. And one of the best bars to go is Bendito Seas or Dulce Jesus Mio which is not to far from there. Check it out, have fun, dance and see how you like it for yourself. Thursday to Saturday are the most busiest nights.

People dancing in one of the nightclubs in Parque Llera in Medellin

It is also in this area where you will find freelancer or “semi-pro” girls. These girls are prostitutes on the down low, and will try to find foreigners to hook up with.

The tricky part is that you won’t always know this at first as they are not obvious about it. This is especially true in the nightclubs where you will see that many of the hotter girls could be freelancers.

So naturally Parque Lleras is a place that has tons of cute Colombian girls that come to hang out and party. And trust me, many of them do come out in hopes of meeting foreigners in Medellin. And keep in mind, some of these chicks like to dance salsa (or the Colombian version). So if you can groove with them it can help you out in certain situations.

Closer Look At Medellin’s Red Light District

Above I wrote about Parque Lleras and how it is generally the best over-all nightlife area in Medellin. This is true for most guys that want to experience a good balance of everything. However, if you want to experience a real red light area then you will need to pay attention to what is a bit north of the city, or in a district called Villa Neuva and also in an area close to that called La Candelaria

To be honest, this area is not that safe later in the evening. It doesn’t mean that you will get drugged or robbed. But just know that the chances of that happening here are a lot higher than being in Parque Lleras. This area and the various side streets are in a seedy part of town. So drugs, prostitution, and violence are obviously more prevalent. Just use common sense, especially at night.

The important thing to know is that everything is a bit more spaced out in Medellin. So you can explore the entire area and see what you find. There are many Casas (brothels), strip clubs, naughty “bath” houses, and prostitutes in Medellin’s red light districts:

De La Veracruz street (also known as Calle 51). You will see women plying their trade on both sides of the street near Carrera 53 & 51.

From Call3 53 to Calle 57 (on Carrera 52 )you will find more street walkers.

Strip clubs can be found on Calle 50, Calle 52, and Calle 53

See the Medellin Nightlife and red light district map below:

Some Final Thoughts

In this Medellin nightlife guide I have shown you the most popular places that most foreigners visit to party and to have fun.

Will you enjoy this place?

that really depends how experienced you are, and how your mindset is. Medellin is really a place that can have a lasting effect on you, and Colombian people are generally very friendly and have a warm nature to their personalities.

And of course, the women in Colombia will definitely have a an effect on you, and you might even fall in love. My advice is to always have an open mind when visiting a new place. Experience the nightlife and red light districts for yourself and see how you like it.