Seoul, South Korea

lotte world tower Seoul

Population: Around 9.78 Million as of 2017

Weather: Seasonal, tends to get humid

Currency: South Korean Wan

Why recommended: One of the most modern and safe cities South East Asia. Seoul can be an excellent place to travel to party, experience the hip Korean nightlife and meet some beautiful Korean women.

As a single male it can be good place to visit. The booming economy and growth of the society has created an excellent place for you to see when you are thinking of traveling to Asia.


Generally speaking Seoul is known to be very safe. And although the local Koreans are extremely patriotic, the city has accepted western culture and idealogies within their society.

As a foreign man you should be quite safe in Seoul, especially if you stay in near the tourist hot spots and nightlife areas.

With a host of nightlife and partying options, this city can be very fun, exciting, and disapointing at the same time. Some of the venues have be known to turn down western foreigners in ther bars or nightclubs.

But do not let this discourage you. There are many venues that do accept foreigners. And the great thing is that most of the popular and happening places are the ones that are happy to have foreigners.

This capital city is home to many of the nations celebrities, sports stars, K Pop singers, and businessmen. As with any city of this calibre, the women in Seoul can be quite snobish and picky towards some foreign men.

But this does not discourage men at all. Many men around the world can agree that Korean women are sought after, and desired by many of the males in the neighboring countries.

And this is also why many guys including myself make sure to stop here once in a while and check out the scenes. From the trendy nightclubs, shopping, and cafes, this city can be a great place for single males travelers in Asia.

Seoul is known for its big population and dense demographics. In 2012 it was actually named the most densely populated place in in Asia (source).

So if you come here don’t be surprised if you feel the same fast paced lifestyle like New York City, Shanghai, Paris.

And now, thanks to a booming economy, this place has turned into a celebrity-like like city, with high regards for status and appearances. And this is exactly why this place can be great time or frustrating for some guys.

There are some beautiful local girls here that many guys want to meet and date. But getting them can sometimes be tricky or hard, as the scene here does get influenced by social circles. But of course this is just part of the scene. Many guys come to this city and have an amazing time, even end up staying since the economy is pretty good.