Benzocaine Condoms: The Best Condoms For Lasting Longer

Benzocaine condoms can be a useful tool in the bedroom. They are the best condoms for lasting longer. These condoms help us guys not come as fast. And these days many guys are trying to improve their skills in the bed. Personally for me I use them when I feel I need them and advise others to try them out and see how they like them. They do work, but they aren’t perfect.

It doesn’t matter if you come too quick or just want to become a better lover, we all have our reasons. Well whatever they are I wanted to give you guys some insight about these Benzocaine condoms. Use these condoms for lasting longer.

Benzocaine Condoms - The Best Condoms For Lasting Longer

We all know that women want us to last longer in bed. And even though they don’t always talk about this, it is now well-known among guys. The longer you last the better chance she has to reach her climax. And women need some time to reach that point. The problem is that most guys can’t last long enough to get to that point.

What are Benzocaine Condoms?

The important thing to know about Benzocaine condoms are that they are made with a special medical ingredient called Benzocaine. It is actually this ingredient that makes them the best condoms for lasting longer. The special substance causes a mild numbing affect to the area which is directly involved in having to come to quickly – the area around the penis head. Specifically the nerves at the top of the penis head. So they could be the best condoms for first time sex as you will surely last longer with them.

Do Long Lasting Condoms Work?

Yes they do for many guys including myself. They especially seem to work for guys that have an extra sensitivity in that area and come to quick. The Benzocaine causes a mild inhibiting effect. It desensitizes you moderately and allows you to last longer.

So it is perfect if you want to boost your performance and give your woman the greatest time of pleasure. They can be the best condoms for her. I think these Benzocaine condoms are great and use them when I need to.

Many guys are wondering about the long-lasting condoms side effects. Generally they are very safe and there are no known side effects to your health unless if you are allergic to them. But for most guys they are safe to use.

Some of the side effects are more physical and also mental. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the best condoms for lasting longer.


  • They are safe to use for the majority of men. Benzocaine has been administered for other uses in the medical industry.
  • It gives you a boost in performance when you need it
  • Very easy to use, just use them as you would with other condoms
  • The girl won’t know you are using them, it is private
  • Give you some more confidence if you are the type of guys that comes to quick

But remember the way these Benzocaine condoms work is by reducing your sensitivity. Here are some of the drawbacks to this:


  • You might “feel” less during sex – less pleasure for you, but more for her
  • Might be hard to maintain erections, especially if you already have a de-sensitized penis

So generally they have more pros than cons. Use these condoms when you feel you need them. That is what they are made for. If you have issues coming to quick then they will surely help you. But if you can already last long in bed then they should be used sparingly because you might not like feeling they give you.

It is best to try these types of condoms and see for yourself. Benzocaine condoms are great to use for those special occasions where you really want to last longer.

What Are The Best Condoms For Lasting Longer?

So you are probably wondering where to find these types of condoms and which ones are the best. The Durex Performax condom and the Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms are two of the stars in this game. I have tried both condoms and they work. Here are some more details of each.

Trojan Extended Pleasure. The Benzocaine content is around 4% which is slightly lower than the Durex brand. Trojan condoms are very reputable and popular. They are also very safe to use. But one of the well-known things about Trojans is that they are thicker than other brands.

If you seek thick condoms to last longer then they might be a better choice for you. So this combination of thickness and Benzocaine makes them the best Trojan condoms for lasting longer.

Durex Performax. Coming in at 5% Benzocaine content it is slightly higher in concentration of the medical ingredient. But keep in mind that the Durex condoms are not as thick as the Trojan condoms. I personally love Durex as I prefer the thin condoms. And with the added Benzocaine it really is one of the best condoms for lasting longer. The Durex condom company is also very reputable and popular. Can’t go wrong with this choice.