Effective Body Language That Attracts Women

Physical signals are huge when it comes to enticing women. And generally, people use instincts to judge others body language. If you want to be an intriguing man then you should be aware of the most effective body language that attracts women.

You could be good-looking and it still won’t matter – if you have bad body language – it will make you look unattractive to the ladies. It will surely not make you look like an alpha male.

I noticed that when I had proper body language it made it easier to create sexual attraction attract with a woman.

Another great thing is that makes you more confident. When you have good body language it gives you a physical and psychological advantage when trying to attract girls. Not only should you be aware of yourself, but also about the female body language signals. This will really give you insight in the attraction game.

Body Language That Attracts Women: The Best Tips

Here are some things to look out for the best attractive body language for guys.

Eye Contact

Eye Contact - Body Language That Attracts Women

Eye contact is one of the best ways to communicate without speaking. Your eyes and vibe they put out says a lot about what kind of person you are.

When it comes to women you need to remember to keep eye contact as long as she does. Generally speaking, you don’t want to be the first one that looks away. Simply hold your gaze for a few short seconds longer. This also gradually builds on your comfort level at keeping eye contact.

It is important to learn how to make eye contact with women, and I highly suggest that you practice in becoming more comfortable at it. learning about the body language tricks will make you successful with women and will easily increase your self confidence.

Women are amazing at judging you simply from the power of your eyes! It sounds crazy, but it is true. They are very good at sensing what kind of guy you are by simply analyzing your body language.

Whether or not you smile depends on what kind of persona you have. You don’t have to smile at every woman who make eye contact with. If you are good at this you will know exactly what to do depending on the situation and girl.

But remember, it can be helpful to have a partial smile or slight smirk when you make eye contact with a woman for the first time (but for some guys it is better now to smile — it depends on the type of vibe you have).

An easy way to do this is to smile with your eyes and not your mouth.

A good way to think of this is the following, you should feel these things internally:

  • confident.
  • like you know something that others don’t.
  • slight smile with eyes.

Eye contact is an excellent body language signal that turns her on. It can also be seduction technique for guys.

Slower Body Language Signals

Do you notice that when you are relaxed and confident you move your body much slower? I do.  And notice when you are nervous or tense you move your body faster. The body language that attracts women stems out of slow relaxed movements.

One thing to remember is that relaxation and arousal are connected to women. If they can feel nice and relaxed from being around you it can make you more attractive to them. A girl will see how relaxed (or nervous) you are, and she will match it.

One of the great skills many good seducers have is to make the girl feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole interaction.

One of your main objectives in the attraction process is to remain relaxed and calm. Not just for you, but also for the women.

Try it for yourself, you will notice that you feel more relaxed the slower you move. It has a physical and psychological effect on you and the women around you. Pay attention to your body language to attract females!

Take Up Space With Your Body

The more confident and sure you are about yourself, the less worried you are about taking up space. Body language seduction techniques are powered by your self confidence.

If you pay attention to strong  and confident men, you will notice they are not afraid to take up space. Whenever you feel like sitting in a position that takes up space, don’t think about it too much – just do it.

But do it in a confident and respectful way. 

From my experience, taking up space is a confidence body language signal that can attract women.

Knowing how to be comfortable around others in public is highly attractive to women.

Another way to put this is that being overly conscious about the amount of space you take can be a sign of weakness and beings tense. It is unattractive to women.

Generally speaking, you should not cross your arms in front of you when interacting with women. This is a sign that you are not open to her. I have noticed this myself, when I cross my arms it seems like I am closed off to the world around me. Or that I am more inwardly focused.


If you want to get an idea of the most attractive way to walk then go look at make runway models. Pay close attention and you will notice that they take nice long strides. They also keep their legs close to each other.

They walk in a confident and sexy way. The number one thing to remember is to walk in a way that is relaxing and comfortable to you.

Everyone has different body types and alignment, so focus on what makes you feel confident. Then tweak it to make it yours.

You should walk in a way that makes you feel good. Remember, body language has a an effect on yourself too! When you feel confident you will look and act confidently with women. Even the walking can be an effective body language that turns her on.

Remember to keep your back straight, and shoulders slightly pushed back. A good way to understand this is to stand up straight against a wall. Notice how much more nice it feels to stand up straight.

Now keep in mind that it will be very hard to walk this way, but it is a good way to remind you of what to feel when you have straight posture. The great thing is that this also increases your height to its best potential.

You can gain 1-2 inches in height by simply fixing your upright posture.

Standing Around Her

Body Language That Attracts Women

When you are first interacting with women, try to stand at a slight angle towards her. This means that you are not directly in front of her.

Always give her a little extra space so she doesn’t think that you are overly interested in her only.

This is also great because it makes her have to put some effort to get in front of you.  It is good to know that if the girl is not making an effort to be around you, this is not a good sign.

She should be making some effort – to get you to face her directly.

In places like bars, and nightclubs this becomes very useful. Body language is very important in places with crowds. In places where you can attract women from a distance.

The learning of body language that seduces women in social situations takes some time to understand. But with time and practice you will know exactly what to do.

Sitting down

Man Sitting Down - Body Language That Attracts Women

Take a look at the featured image of this post. Do you see how the guy is sitting. This is an excellent reference in how one can sit when trying to attract women. He is doing a few great things:

  • Taking up space
  • Leaning a bit back
  • Face looks comfortable and relaxed
  • Hands look comfortable and resting in his thigh

This is the good way to sit when on a couch or sofa. It is an effective body language signal that can attract women.

If you are sitting at a table (like a restaurant) you can follow the same guidelines, but you will need to adjust to the chairs height. You will  be more upright in the chair, but remember to lean slightly back to give the girl some space. You don’t want to seem like you are so interested in her only.

So I have given some great tips on the best body language that attracts women. I have personally seen that these methods are very effective. Try it out for yourself.

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