Hanoi Red Light District: Best Areas For Bars, Girls, and Night Clubs

There are many things to do in Hanoi at night, and one of them is visiting the city’s red light district.

Vietnam is easily one of the best places in south-east Asia, and I have mentioned this before a few times on my site. Whenever I go to Vietnam I have a fun time. There is a reason why it has grown in popularity over the recent years. It is fun, cheap, and offers an authentic experience for all travelers.

city of Hanoi at night

After reading this article you will see why this city has an amazing nightlife, and what to expect from the naughty districts.

Hanoi is not as popular as Ho Chi Minh city for its nightlife.

Ho Chi Minh city is a bit better for single guys that want to experience the most entertainment and girls, hookers, sex etc.

However, Hanoi still deserves recognition and you should surely check it out when you visit Vietnam.

A large portion of single foreign guys are looking for sex in Hanoi. They  want to experience the red light districts in Vietnam!

image showing a red light district, where hookers sell sex in Hanoi

They like the idea of hooking up with a sexy Hanoi girl, especially since it can be cheap. It is an excellent choice for budget minded travelers that want a fun and exciting experience in south-east Asia.

One thing to keep in mind is the following: There are many prostitutes and hookers that hang out in and around the coffee shops in Hanoi. You simple go to these coffee shops and you will find some hot girls that would go with you for an agreed price.

The 4 Popular Hanoi Red Light Districts

There are 4 main red light areas in Hanoi. They mostly consist of “coffee shops” or red light cafes that have sexy girls working in and around them. They are:

  • Quoc Oai District
  • Ha Dong District
  • Gia Lam District
  • Dong Anh District

As you walk past them you will notice that the ladies are looking and trying to find customers to have sex with. Of course they are looking to get paid. So it all comes with a price.

Keep in mind that the local Vietnamese men also use the services of these prostitutes. These red light areas are popular for foreigners and the locals.

I will also talk about the best nightclubs in Hanoi that you could meet some girls.

Nightclubs in Hanoi

The nightclubs in Hanoi are an excellent way for you to have some fun and see for yourself what the Vietnamese girls are like.

It is one of the best ways to meet girls and get laid for free. Of course it will take a bit of effort from you, but it is also very fun and you don’t have to spend a lot money.

Girl dancing in nightclub in Hanoi

The city has many well-known nightclubs that you should be checking out whenever you are in town. Clubs are an excellent way to enjoy yourself, here is why:

  • You can drink and loosen up
  • Lost of people to party with
  • Listen to music
  • Have a chance to dance with the girls

As you can see the nightclubs in Hanoi can be very fun and a great way to enjoy yourself, while hanging out with sexy Vietnamese girls.

Here are some of the well know clubs:

Funky Buddha

Located in the Hoan Kiem District, the Funky Buddha nightclub is a very popular nightclub in Hanoi. One of the great things about this place is that is that it stays open very late, so it also seems like an after hours club.

It gets busy throughout the year. The locals like this place as do many of the foreigners.

Dragonfly Bar Lounge

Located at the Old Quarter, the Dragonfly Bar Lounge is one the older clubs in Hanoi. It is quite popular with the younger Hanoi girls. It is also very popular with the foreigner guys that come to Vietnam.

Hero Club Hanoi

Located in Ba Dinh District, the Hero Club is one of the best clubs in the Hanoi. The place is one of the most popular clubs in all of Hanoi.  They play all the best music from the best hip-hop to EDM.

This is the best place to be if you want variety of music. One of the interesting things about this place is the design. They got themes that are based off pop-culture superheroes (as the name suggests)

Keep in mind that there are many other bars and nightclubs worth visiting in Hanoi. Places such as Apocalypse Now, The Bank, Savage Club are well-known with the locals and foreigners.

Other Places to Meet Girls in Hanoi

So far I have mentioned the most obvious way to meet girls in the Hanoi red light areas. But now I also wanted to mention of some other ways that you could meet them in Hanoi.

The Online Dating Sites

This is easily one of the best ways to meet girls in Vietnam.


Because you have access to all types of sexy girls that are open to meeting foreigners in Hanoi. You will notice that there are:

  • “Normal” girls online who are looking for a boyfriend
  • Others who are just looking for casual fun
  • Freelancer who are looking for customers

The online dating app in Vietnam are great as you could chat with the local Vietnamese women and set up dates. They could show you around, or even for having a relationship with them. Vietnamese girls are quite open-minded for meeting foreigners in Hanoi.

Vietnamese Girls in Hanoi

So even if you plan to visit the city’s red light areas, it is still recommended to have the online dating accounts as a back up. It can also keep you busy throughout the nightlife activities. You can chat with the girls that you like and get to know them more.

The great thing about the Vietnamese dating apps is that there are so many girls online. Almost 1 Million members are registered, which means you can easily pick and choose which ones you like and get to know them more.

Another important point is that most of the local girls in Hanoi are sometimes shy to meet foreigners in person, or in the bars and nightclubs. But the girls seem to be more open when they chat with you online.

Keep in mind, most of them can’t speak English that well. But online they can take there time and chat with you, since they can also translate what you are saying to them.

Hanoi Massage Parlors

One of my favorite things to do while in Hanoi is visiting some of the amazing massage parlors. They are a great experience and can be very relaxing. Of course they have nice Vietnamese girls that will give you a nice sensual massage and they also offer extra specialty massages.

These erotic style massages are scattered all over the city, So they won’t be only in the dedicated red light areas. Most of the them will be in Doc Ngu and Thuy Khue areas.

The best thing to do is just explore those areas and try the ones you like.

The prices for these massages range between 100,000 Dongs to 500,000. The higher the price the more the girl will usually do for you.

Conclusion on The Hanoi Red Light Areas

They can be fun, and highly recommended. Especially for single guys that want to have the best times while in Hanoi.

Always come with a good attitude, and be willing to interact with the girls. As a foreigner you want to show these girls that you are fun, friendly, and confident. Your interactions with the girls in Hanoi will be much better this way.

But keep in mind that you should also be safe while exploring the city. Especially while interacting with the “normal” girls or hookers in Hanoi

Never leave your drink unattended while at bars and nightclubs. Especially when you are sitting with a bar girl or prostitute. Just take extra precaution. Although getting drugged is rare in Vietnam, it can and does happen all over the world.

Make sure to use condoms. This goes without saying. But STD’s are very common among among sex workers and prostitutes. Be smart and cover up if you plan to have sex with a girl.

Read this red light district guide to help you along your travels in Vietnam. Enjoy the city and the country, it can really be a fun experience, with or hookers in Hanoi.

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