The Importance of Maintaining Eye Contact

You’ve probably heard that it is important to keep eye contact with people, especially with women when it comes to the attraction process. And in this article I will give you guys insights of exactly what this means and how to do it the right way in social situations.

The simple principle is that you should initially hold eye contact with women, until they look away first. And this is a dominance signal that send out the message that you are not afraid to keep eye contact with her.

establish dominance with eye contact

Generally speaking, women will lose attraction for you if you can’t keep their gaze. This is actually one of the first types of “tests” they give men. And unfortunately quite a few men fail this test right away.

But there are some important factors to know regarding this.

1) Make it look natural

A great situation would be if she looks at you first, then you hold her gaze until she looks away first. She will probably look away first, or will keep looking at you.

If she keeps looking at you then it is a huge sign that she is interested in you.
If she looks away, then looks at you again, it is also a huge indicator of interest.

So make it look natural, a great way to do this is to wait until she looks at you first. This is also makes her feel more comfortable since it was her that initiated the eye contact.

2) Don’t Do It With Women You Are Not Interested In

Although it can be good practice to maintain eye contact with all women, doing this repeatedly is not a good idea. You don’t want to attract the ones that you are not interested in. Making eye contact with women who you don’t like is also a way that can bring your value down infront of others. So generally speaking, only try and hold your gaze with the ones you like to establish dominance with.

But remember, in the initial phases of getting comfortable with eye contact, it can be ok to practice this with any woman that looks at you. But after you become comfortable you should pick and choose when to do this, and preferebly with the ladies you actually want to get with.

3) Should You Smile?

Many guys are wondering whether or not they should smile when they keep eye contact with a girl. There is no answer for this, but I will give you some insights what works for me.

I don’t think there is a need to smile in the intial eye contact, especially when holding your gaze. But you also don’t want to look angry, shy, or intimated. The best would be siightly squint your eyes, and have a natural look. As is you are “suspiscous” of her. You could also have a very sight smirk on your face. But that depends on your vibe and what works for you.

But most importantly, don’t just have huge smile on your face for no reason. You want to some across as sexy, and mysterious, rather than a funny guy.

You should know what type of look works best for you, so there is no 1 method that works. But if you want my opinion, it is best not to smile initially. Maybe on the 2nd and 3rd glance you can start to smile a bit.

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