The Top 10 Foods That Increase Sex Drive

I know many guys are interested in foods that increase their sexual power these days. It seems guys are much more sexual now than ever. If you are one of those guys that has sex often, or are interested in increasing your performance, you will seriously consider some research into this topic.

One of the things I always interested me is ways to discover foods that are powerful. After reading about them and experimenting with them, I have found the foods which seem to give me a huge libido boost.

Benefits of These Foods

There a few great benefits to eating the foods that boost your sexual drive. You will need a boost if you are the single male traveler type that sleeps with the women of the world. If you drink alcohol or smoke, then you will surely need added sexual support. Another point is that as men age, our sexual vigor decreases. In any case it is highly beneficial to keep your peak performance.

Here are some of the best reasons to include these foods in your diet.

Increased Testosterone

Sex Drive is directly related to your Testosterone levels. This is very important. It tells us that we need to focus on maintaining and increases our body’s natural testosterone levels. This is done through proper rest, and eating the right foods – the biochemical reactions in our digestive process.

A Testosterone boost also helps to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle. This can help in your physical appearance which is an easy way to get women to like you.

Better Sexual Performance

One of the best effects of these foods is that they increase your sexual performance. An boost in sexual drive also results in boosting your performance. This is possible due to the increased hormonal levels. It is a welcomed side effect for most men.

Some of the foods will increase your bodily fluids while others can power up your stamina. There are even foods that decrease your estrogen level which helps keep up a rock hard erection to please your women.

Increased Self Confidence

The Testosterone boost and increased sexual performance can influence your confidence levels. This happens in two ways. One is through the biochemical nutrients in the foods – which support a healthy hormonal profile. The other way is through the psychological aspect of knowing you can perform at your peak sexual ability.

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Walnuts - Foods that can increase sex drive

Walnuts are an excellent sex food. They contain the amino acid arginine which helps your erection by increasing Nitric Oxide synthesis in the blood vessels. I have also noticed it can increase circulation. Walnuts have a “warm” food energy which really helps me ramp up my sexual power.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato - Libido Boost

Sweet potatoes are another food that has an obvious sexual effect on me. I found out recently that they contain high amounts of important sexual nutrients. They contain potassium which can regulate high blood pressure. This can also help reduce stress which is needed for optimal testosterone production.

Sweet potatoes also contain a high amount of vitamin A – which is used in testosterone production.


powerful foods - garlice

Garlic is another food that has a huge effect on my libido and performance. I have noticed that it also helps maintain strong erections. I can also feel it increasing my blood flow and circulation. For some it is a food that works like Viagra.


Oysters - Increase sex drive

Oysters have a huge reputation. They are known as one of the best foods that can increase your sex drive. It is also known to one of the foods that turn you on sexually. The zinc in oysters helps produce and support high testosterone levels. The zinc can also balance excess estrogen in the body.

Oysters are also known for increasing dopamine due to the high content of Tyrosine. It is an amino acid which is needed to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine. The result is an increase in testosterone.

Fish Heads

Fish Head - libido foods

I don’t know what is specifically in the region of the fish head. Whatever it is, it seriously boosts my sex drive and performance. I have always enjoyed eating the meat around the head area, and I also eat the tiny brain.

I did some research and found out that there are high amounts of neurotransmitters in the head region of fish. These help our endocrine system to produce optimal hormones such as dopamine and testosterone.

The omega 3 oil is also a key nutrient which helps your sexual drive. Fish head is one of my favorites foods to boost my sex drive.



Shrimp or Prawns are powerful libido increasers. Due to the nutrients it can also help with sexual performance. They are also very tasty.

Shrimp is loaded with Vitamin A. It helps to produce optimal testosterone. I think it also contains some unknown substance. I say this because I always get great erections after eating them. It seriously boosts my sex drive.



Mangoes have been used for hundreds of years as a sexual enhancement food, especially in Southeast Asia. I always like mangoes, and when I finally saw that it was helping me in the bedroom and I liked them even more.

This fruit will boost your male virility. It will also help your performance with the help of the natural sugars, minerals and vitamins. The vitamin E in this fruit is known to be a supreme antioxidant. One the main effects is the preservation of testosterone in the body. This is one of the foods that increase sperm count.

Some esoteric doctors were known to prescribe this fruit to help out with impotence.

Red Meat

Red Meat

Personally for me, red meat is one of the best foods that increase my sex drive. I can actually feel it working. I usually try to eat grass fed organic red meat because it doesn’t contain artificial growth hormone.

The iron in red meat is full of oxygen which helps build blood. It also increases my circulation.

Another great point about red meat is the amino acid profile. It has loads of arginine which helps dilate blood vessels, including in the genital area.

They say red meat increased testosterone levels, and I would have to agree. This is one the best foods for me to increase my sexual vigor and performance.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one the best foods that can increase your sex drive. They are loaded with Zinc which supports peak testosterone levels. Zinc also helps reduce estrogen which is also highly beneficial for sex drive.

Pumpkin seeds also contain plant hormones that help expel extra estrogen from males. Furthermore, they also contain a good amount of Arginine, an amino acid that helps with erection quality.



Broccoli is one of the must have food items for boosting sex drive. It has indole-3-carbinol which has proven to decrease estrogen levels in males.

It also contains many other minerals and vitamins that are essential to sexual health. The natural vitamin C in broccoli supports good circulation to all organs


Eat these foods. That is my conclusion. It will help you keep your hormone levels high. It will keep you on your toes. What man doesn’t want an increase in libido and vigor? Personally for me I love that feeling. I like the feeling of wanting more. Especially since I travel a lot and meet so many women. I need the added performance boost in the bedroom. Try these foods and see for yourself.