The Top 6 CHEAPEST Eastern European Countries – Affordable Getaways

Knowing about the cheapest Eastern European countries is an excellent way to plan a trip to Europe.


Because traveling to Europe is not one of the cheapest holidays you can have. Especially if you visit some of the more popular and touristy cities. And even more if you want to party and experience the European nightlife. It can get expensive — very fast.

I’m aware many of you guys are thinking of planning a trip to Eastern Europe. It has become a popular destination lately, especially since it can be affordable and fun. And of course, it gives you a chance to meet and get to know more about Eastern European women.

Map of eastern europe

In this article I wanted to let you guys know of the most affordable Eastern European Countries to travel to, and live in.

Eastern European Countries Can Be Affordable

Planning a trip to Europe does not need to be expensive. Thanks to a decent exchange rate to the US Dollar as of this writing (2018), it can be one the better budget choices for most guys.

The Euro currency is pretty stable at this point. Your money will go far in the Eastern European countries that I will list here. Especially if you are an experienced traveler, and know how to budget your expenses properly.

As a reference, the capital cities of each country will be noted. Usually the capital will be the most expensive since that is where most of the population is. It is also usually the most heavily visited by tourists.

So keep in mind, it can even get more cheaper if you visit the other less-known cities, or rural towns.

#6. Hungary

Hungary is one my favorite countries in Eastern Europe. I’ve had some memorable experience in the capital city of Budapest.

Nightlife in Budapest, Hungary. A Country in Eastern Europe.

Hungary itself is an excellent low-cost trip that you can plan. Just know that Budapest can get more expensive if you plan to stay in the better hotels.

Hostels are around $25 USD.

If you know how to budget and watch your spending, it can be a cheap place to visit. Most of the foreign oriented hot spots are around the river. Just use your own judgement and recognize which places offer the best bargains.

#5. Bulgaria

Although tourism has increased over the years, Bulgaria is still one of the most affordable Eastern European countries to visit.

Sofia, Bulgaria. One of the affordable countries in Europe.

The capital city of Sofia has an excellent nightlife. There are also many hipster style bars and cafes that are worth checking out.

Sofia is also well-knows for it outdoor music festivals during the summer months.

Expect to pay only $20 USD for a hostel or guesthouse per day.

Things get even cheaper once you travel to the other areas of the country.

#4 Serbia

Serbia went through some difficult times during 90’s era. The civil economic crisis really hurt the tourism. The inflation, price hikes and separation of Yugoslavia did not leave much interest from foreign travelers. But Slowly tourism has increased over the recent years.

Picture of the city of Belgrade in Serbia, an Eastern European country

One of the reasons is because Belgrade is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Eastern Europe. The city has a good nightlife, and the locals really enjoy having a good time here. But for most travelers they might not find many major attractions to see. However, due to it being a great low-cost option, it offers good value.

Hostels from around $15 USD, which is a bargain for most people. Hotels are also very reasonably priced.

#3 Romania

Romania may not be one of the most exciting places to visit. But it sure is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.

A Park in Romania - One of the cheapest places in east Europe

The capital city of Bucharest has a decent nightlife. Most of it is around the old town (Lipscani).

Expect prices to be very affordable for almost everything. To give you an idea, hostels start around $25 USD.

Romania is one of the most affordable places in all of Europe and worth checking out when you are in that region.

#2 Poland

As we come near the end of the list we get to Poland. The capital of Warsaw offers travelers amazing value. The nightlife has got better over the recent years. Now there is a better choice of bars, nightclubs and other entertainment options.

the city center in Warsaw Poland

Hostels start from around $25 USD. Hotels are also very affordable.

Warsaw if one of those places where you can have a great time for a low price. Poland is easily one the cheapest places in Europe for you to check out.

The rest of the country can be even more affordable. Another low-cost option is Krakow.

#1 Ukraine

Coming in at first, we have Ukraine. This country has been consistently one of the cheap travel destinations in all of Europe.

Kiev, Ukraine's capital city

Due to its geographical location, not many bother to visit this place as much. Take advantage of the low prices and plan a trip, it is well worth it.

The capital of Kiev is also one of the best places I recommend to travel to. The nightlife is fun and the women are beautiful.

It is one of my most recommended travel destinations for single men

Hostels start from around $10 USD.