Foreigners Guide to Filipinas & Bar Girls in the Philippines

I decided to write about the girls in the Philippines because I know that the place has been gaining in popularity these days. It is now one of the major destinations in Southeast Asia, especially for single men who are looking to meet some of the cute girls of the Philippines while on holiday and hook up with them.

The Philippines has become one of my favorite places to visit in Asia.

To me the Philippines is a top 5 best single male travel vacations. There are so many cute girls here and the best part is that they are so open to meeting foreign guys. They are also very interested in marriage.

The Ultimate Philippines Girls Guide

One of the great things about the Philippines is that it is cheap and very affordable. Compared to Thailand, and other countries in the area, it can be a much better option for most guys.

And as it gains in popularity, more guys are learning that they can have more fun in the Philippines at a lower cost. And they can have a great sexy time with the hot girls of the Philippines.

Another great thing is that infrastructure and development has increased. Back in the day, the Philippines was considered more “3rd worldly”. But these days it has gotten much better and striving to develop at a quick rate. The Philippines is Comparable to Thailand now as one of the recommended places to visit in South East Asia

No Language Barrier with Filipinas

This is a huge advantage the girls in the Philippines have. English is widely spoken by almost every girl. And even if some of the girls are not fluent in it, they will still be able to converse with you and understand what you have to say. To me and many other guys this is a great thing.

You can pick up girls in the Philippines the same way you would back home. And now that English is widely spoken by many tourists, it becomes even better.

What I personally do is also use the reliable dating apps to talk with them and set up dates with the hot ones, its free to try:

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If you have ever been to a non-English speaking country you already know that it can frustrating to keep a conversation with their girls. Even simple things they might not understand.

In Thailand, Cambodia, China, it can be hard to speak with the girls. Although some of the girls might be able to understand some English, the majority of them won’t be able to.

This is one huge advantage that the girls in the Philippines have. Picking up girls here and dating them can be so easy to do as a foreigner. So the language is not a barrier to hook up with a Filipina.

Many guys are have asked me “are Filipinas good lovers“? and I would have to say yes, over-all they are.

Philippines Flag

The girls in the Philippines are also known to be very sweet and kind. This has been very true in my experience and I will tell you more about it in this guide. But it is good for you to know that Filipinas can also have some cons about them.

Yes, not everything is perfect about these girls. From the different cities, to the personality and features, I will tell you all in this epic girls in the philippines guide.

Physical Features of the Girls

Many Filipinas can be very attractive. If you ever watched the Miss Universe shows you will have seen how hot Miss Philippines always is.

They could be some of the most attractive girls in Southeast Asia.

One of the reasons is because the Philippines people can look very diverse. They can have mixed features and different features in them.

Miss Philippines

The girls are also known to be more curvy and have bigger boobs than other Asian girls. They are not know to be that tall, and most of them are short. Compared to Thai girls, and Korean girls they are shorter usually.

They have light skin and dark skin. Some of them can look Cambodian, while others can look like Korean. Like I was saying they have very diverse features and this is something that can be very fun for single guys looking to hook up with them.

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Bar Girls, Prostitutes & Hookers

Another great point is that there are plenty of prostitutes available to meet. The Philippines has a reputation in this regard, and is one of the most heavily visited countries by sex tourists from all over the world. You can find hookers in almost all the cities but especially in the following popular ones:

Angeles City

This popular city in the Philippines is world renowned for the red light district. There are scores of hot girls working here. From gogo bars, to freelancers in the nightclubs, you find all types of sexy Filipinas here.

It is about 80 KM north of the capital Manila. I think every guys should experience this place at least one time in their life.

Philippines KTV Girls

Manila (Philippines Capital)

The capital city. This is where the population is at its highest. It is also the place with the hottest girls around. But before I say more let me tell you that Manila has some cons. Here they are:

  • Safety: Although the business area of Makati is safe, the other areas don’t always feel 100% safe at night. It is one of those types of places that you need to be aware of your surroundings. If you do that and are experienced travelers than it can be safe. Malate, and Mabini also have lots of prostitutes around, but again, it does not feel safe all the time.
  • Traffic: The traffic congestion is the worst in the Philippines. The pollution is bad too.

Girls in Manila Philippines

Here are some other cities to know:


Lots of girls all over, especially online. Great nightclubs, and much safer than Manila. Great Beaches. I  have been there a few times an love it. It is much more relaxing than Manila and the girls are more friendlier. They also have an amazing waterfall called Kawasan Falls. I took a girl for a date there, and it was an awesome time.

Cebu has some of the nicest beaches in all the Philippines.

Beach in Cebu

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Subic is a beach town that is very laid back and relaxing. It has small red light area filled with beer bars and gogo bars. If you want a laid back Philippines lifestyle then this place might be good for you.

There are plenty of girls to hook up with here. The only drawback to Subic is that it can get boring. There isn’t much to do besides going to the bars at night. In the days you can chill at the beach or your hotels swimming pool.

Again, you can meet working girls all over the Philippines. And now it is even easier because of the online dating apps. The girls are working from their phone, you can meet them in any city. But the cities above are the most reputed ones. By the way, don’t forget to use condoms with these working girls.

Dating Girls in the Philippines

Of course everything has good and bad points. I have noticed many good qualities in Filipinas, but I have also noticed some bad traits. Here are some of the pros and cons of Filipinas.


They make excellent girlfriends. The girls are very attentive to their partners and are kind and sweet. They also make sure that their man feels appreciated and loved. They do the small things like text you often and check up on you. They might sing you a song, and show their affection to you.

They also make good lovers. They can have an amazing sex drive. Once they feel comfortable with you it can get wild and fun. They really let loose. Which brings up something else. They can really become addicted to you (this is also a con, I will explain after). If they are really attracted to you they will do almost anything for you.

So the bottom line is that they make good romantic partners and wives. And if you marry one, she will take care of the family perfectly.

filipinas are worth it


As I was saying before, they can be addicted to you. To the point that it feels like obsessions. And if she really likes you, she will be extremely jealous of you. If you find a crazy one, she might make your life a hell.

They are also the type that if you give them too much power they might take advantage of it and try and deceive you, or walk all over you. This is why it is important to keep the upper hand with them.

The Philippines is a male dominated country. Meaning that the man in the relationship is the one calling the shots. Some foreigners coming from other countries don’t know this at first. They might start giving the girls more attention than they deserve. Some of the girls can take advantage of this and play you.

The girls in the Philippines can lie to you like it is nothing. They are excellent at appearing sweet, but really playing you. So this is something that some guys should watch out for.

But still there are so many great girls in the Philippines that it makes it easy to find something that you are looking for.

I really suggest that all guys should travel to the Philippines. It can really be a great trip and you will meet tons of hot girls to keep you company. Just keep your eyes open and remember what I told you about the girls in the Philippines.

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