VietnamCupid Review: A Dating App For Meeting Girls in Vietnam

In this VietnamCupid review I wanted to write a complete article on the best dating app to use whenever you want to set up dates with girls in Vietnam. I will show you guys how I use it to be successful with with girls online in Vietnam.

There are so many cute Vietnamese girls online now that it just makes sense to use it for advantage. If your a single guy that travels and wants to get close with these girls then it only makes perfect sense.

The greatest thing about the Vietnamese dating sites is that there are different types of girls that you can meet. There are girls that just want have fun (for free), have serious relationships with, and even freelancers who will hook up with you for money. And this why VietnamCupid should be used by any man interested in Vietnamese girls.

You can easily see the profiles of the users, and chat up with the ones you like. And the great thing is that the VietnamCupid dating app is totally free to use. I will go over things more in detail later in the article.

Dating sites are so good to use anywhere, especially in south east Asia because there are so many members online. There are tons of girls that are open-minded, and would like to meet or date foreigners.

Now as you may already know, I am huge fan of Vietnamese girls. They are easily some of the hottest girls in Asia. Many guys go to Vietnam simply just for the chance to meet and date the girls.

While it’s true that there are many girls in the bars and nightclubs, but many of them are a bit shy towards foreigners. Chatting with them on the dating sites is one of the easiest and fastest ways to set up dates and get close with them.

After reading this VietnamCupid guide you will get to see exactly what it is, and how easy you can use it for your advantage.

What is VietnamCupid?

It is run by Cupid Media, which is one of best and largest dating site company in the world. This is a very well run company and is legit. All the members are real, and the user interface is very simple to use.
I use there other services in the other travel destinations I travel to. They all gave me great results.

The Benefits of Using VietnamCupid

There are few important reasons to use dating sites in Vietnam.

Whenever I go to a new country I want to have access to the most girls as possible. While it is true that I go to the bars and nightclubs, I also see see the advantage of having a dating app account in the country that I am in. 

I use it for different reasons. Here are the things I use it for:

  • A tour guide to show me around
  • Taking a girl partying with me
  • Dating a girl and trying to hook up with her

How To USe The Dating App

Getting started is very easy to do. Once you get to the main VietnamCupid Login screen you can make a new account: site

Fill out the few requirements such username, email and age. It will quickly grant you a free account.

Sign Up Here

After signing up the best thing to do is add some photos. Now this is a very important part. And what kind of pictures you put on your profile can make a big impact on the success you have with the girls.

The reason is that it is the initial thing they see when they view your profile. So you want to put your best pictures and have some variety. Here are some examples of the best types of pics to use:

  • you at the beach or somewhere with nature
  • A photo of you dressed nicely (maybe at a restaurant or nightclub)
  • A selfie
  • Picture of you at the gym

So put a few pictures and try and look interesting. Trust me me it will make a big difference. You don’t need alot of pics for your profile, just a few great pics is enough to get a lot of attention.

VietnamCupid Add Photo Screen

Simply upload your pics to your profile page using the guided user input screen.

Setting Up Your Profile

The next step is also important. Make sure you fill out your profile on VietnamCupid and write some things about yourself. You should also fill out your details like height, weight, eye color, etc. 

My advice is this: don’t write too much, but write just enough to get some attention and enough to cause interest from the girls. And you should also be honest about what you are looking for.

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Search and Browse members

If you want to meet girls for casual fun and one night stands just tell write something like:

Hey, I am in town from (your country), would be cool to meet some new friends and possibly more.

If you are looking for something more serious, like a relationship then it is also a good idea to say a little about that too.

The more clear you are with them from the start the better it usually is.

Browsing and Searching

Once you set up what I mention above you can easily use the search and browse features of the VietnamCupid dating app to review the profiles of the available girls.

You can easily select your age preferences, and cities you in Vietnam you want to find profile. Do a quick search:

Vietnam Cupid Member search

Here is a simple example of the type of girls that will come:

Dating Profiles

Some Extra Tips on Using Vietnam Cupid

So once you sign up you will notice that there are different types of women online. Some of them want serious relationships and other want just casual fun. Most of them will be “normal” that have day jobs or are students.

Now keep in mind that there are also a small portion of other members that are known as “freelancers”. These these types of women are looking for foreigner men in exchange for money or taking them out for dating and spending money on them.

How can you spot them?

Most of the time they dress nice, or with revealing clothes. With more experience you will know for yourself which ones are which.

It really depends on what you want. Be realistic with yourself and don’t try to hide what you are searching for.

Usually the members that want something serious will have details in their profile stating exactly what they want.

Other girls will not even write anything in their profile. Usually these types of girls are the ones that are looking for casual fun or money.

Keep the conversations light at first. Most of these girls on the dating app are not fluent in English.When you first start chatting with them make sure it is fun, interesting, and a bit intriguing.

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