Vietnamese Girls and Dating Guide in 2019

Welcome to the single man’s guide to Vietnamese girls.

And in this article I will give you guys an introduction, and also some extra tips on what I learned about them.

I realized I had a preference for them and even started dating one back in my own country.

It was a great experience.

Not only was she sexy, but she had an amazing sexual drive that matched mine. From that time on, I had an interest in Vietnamese girls.

It wasn’t until I started traveling a lot that I became even more familiar with them and the lifestyle in Vietnam .

Once I started visiting South East Asia countries, I was able to compare them with the other Asian women in that area.

Like a Thai ladies, the women in Vietnam have an interesting charm about them, and in my opinion are one of the better looking Asian women around.

And most experienced guys will agree that the girls in Vietnam are more sought after than some of the other similar nationalities.

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A Vietnamese lady

What Are Vietnamese Girls Like?

From my experience they are kind, friendly and open-minded.

And although they do flirt with you, it is not that easy to get close to them to quickly.

Even if they like you they still play a little hard to get. They might give you some sexual signs while flirting, but it doesn’t mean that sex with Vietnamese girls will be easy.

This is the confusing part about them. As with other  Southeast Asian nationalities, the girls are more transparent in their actions.

An example would be with Thai ladies. When they flirt with you and give you sexual signal – it is a pretty good bet that you are in with her.

Dating Vietnamese GirlsWhere to find Vietnamese GirlsVietnamese woman in Ho Chi Minh City

But Vietnamese females are a bit like their Korean counterpart — they won’t let you have them that easy.

And even if they give you the green light, they will still test you and give some resistance. This is normal with any girl, but I have notices that with the girls in Vietnam it is a bit more obvious and emphasized.

Understanding a Vietnamese chick may not be the easiest thing at first.

It might even be a bit difficult for most western foreigners — especially if they have no experience with south east Asian ladies.

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Where to Find Them in Vietnam

One amazing thing about Vietnam is the quantity and quality of women.

You will find tons of girls in the main cities. It won’t be long until you run into some beautiful girls in the streets, the restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Another great way to meet them now is online.

This is true for all over the world, but especially true for Vietnam – that has a well established online dating scene.

The girls in Vietnam are modern and accept the western foreigners that come into the country. You can easily chat with them and set up dates.  The best app for this is Vietnam Cupid.

Its free. Simply sign up to Vietnam Cupid to see the ladies and use the features.

You can also read my Vietnam Cupid Guide and Review for more info.

Vietnam Cupid Login

You can find all types of Vietnamese girl online, from “normal” ones, to working girls. In Vietnam Cupid there are much more normal members.

One method is to start chatting to them prior to your arrival in Vietnam. This will ensure that you have potential dates already set up.

This is very easy to do and many of them actually wish to date a foreign man – either for a serious relationship or just for casual sex.

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Girls in Hanoi Vs. Women in Ho Chi Minh City

Both cities have sexy girls that you can meet. There is excellent quantity and quality in two of Vietnam’s most famous cities.

The difference is the historic political issues that has influenced the mindset of the women even to this day.

The girls in Ho Chi Minh city are known to be more conservative in their approach and values. This is because communism had a huge influence in that part of the country.

You will find that the ones from that city area are a bit more reserved and conservative. But this is not always the case. And any guy that has been to Vietnam can confirm this.

It depends also on the individual person.

Thanks to western tourism and social media, every girl has their own beliefs and values now.

However, they are accepting of foreigners, but not so much the typical western foreigner. They are much more accepting of other Asian nationalities.

In Hanoi the women are more open-minded and less influenced by traditional belief systems. They accept western culture and even admire it.

They are very open to western male foreigners and even seem to prefer it over to Asian men. Most guys do very well in the Hanoi dating scene and can pull very easily in the bars and night clubs.

Are They Gold Diggers?

One of the more popular things that guys wonder is if the girls in Vietnam are only after a man’s money.

This is one of the stereotypes that women face in today’ world – especially if they come from less developed countries such as Vietnam.

Girls in VietnamVietnamese model photography

Of course to generalize on a topic like this wouldn’t be fair to all the women from that country, but lets see if we can come close to an answer.

From my personal experience I can verify that Vietnamese ladies do put a high value on material things, and some of them can be gold diggers.

But I have noticed that a lot of women from South East Asia can have this tendency. I have seen gold diggers in Thailand, Philippines, and especially from Korean Women.

But as a man you should try to recognize these traits before even before hooking up with any Vietnamese lady.

There always a few ways to do this:

  • pay attention to how much importance she puts on money. Does she always bring the topic of money in conversations?
  • does she make an effort to pay for the small things — as a sign of courtesy?
  • is she always ordering the most expensive things at a restaurant?

These are just a few simple ways that you can see the character traits of a girl.

Warning Signs

  • Social Media – If a girl is to obsessed with social media and getting “likes” from other guys. Stay away from these types. Don’t get me wrong, they can be OK to have short-term casual relationships with. But these types of girls are too much focused on getting attention and validation through superficial ways. Don’t waste too much time with these types of Vietnamese girls.
  • Drugs and Alcohol – Usually Vietnamese women don’t do drugs, but some of them do drink. If you find that she is drinking and partying excessively then it may be a warning sign that she is not worth your dedicated attention.
  • Money – She constantly brings up financial matter, or talks about the importance of money. Usually she likes chasing money more than meaningful relationships. Especially if she always brags about having the most expensive things (or desiring them). This is a clear sign of a superficial woman.

Vietnamese gril taking picture by bed

It is true somewhat – you can find plenty of gold diggers in Vietnam.

And don’t forget, there are lots of hookers and “freelancers” in South East Asia, and Vietnam is no exception.

Vietnam is one of the destination known for cheap sex.

So these types of character traits can influence the way western men interpret whether or not their Vietnamese girlfriend is a gold digger.

Foreigners & Vietnamese Brides

It is also quite popular for western men to seek Vietnamese women to marry.

Vietnamese retiring is popular among the expat circles. This is also influenced by the fact that the women in Vietnam are open to foreigners and even have some preference for them.

This can also be seen in neighboring country of Thailand.

For the most part, my experience with Vietnamese women has proven that they make excellent girlfriends.

They can bring, sweet, loyal, and have good sexual drive. These are great qualities for a long-term partner.

Bride in VietnamBeautiful Asian Bride

But the most important factor is yourself. The type of person you are and the way you look can greatly influence how the Vietnamese people  treat you.

If you are looking for a long-term partner then I recommend to check out Vietnam Cupid. You can meet tons of Vietnamese Girls easily.

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