Why Women Are Attracted to Guys With Low Body Fat

In this article I will write on why low body fat can make a woman more attracted to you.

This is a huge game changer when it comes to attracting women, and is still not that well-known to most guys. One of the reasons is because it is not that easy to get to low body fat levels. Many guys can lose weight, but we are not only about only weight here. We are talking about low body fat levels. Ideally around 10%.

Most of the time I am at around 13-15%. I have been 10% or lower around three times in my life.

Now many guys claim they are around 10% body fat and lower, and let me tell you from experience, most of them are higher but they don’t know it. People highly understate their body fat levels. People that are around 10% are rare.

Here are some physical signs that your body fat is getting around 10%

  • Almost all your abs will show. Lower abs mostly visible.
  • there will usually be veins and light striations showing on your thighs, and shoulders.
  • Your face will look very lean and angular.
  • Your cheekbones will stand out, and your face structure gets balanced nicely.
  • There will be zero love-handles
  • your forearms, arms, and calves should have a good amount of veins and striations.

Every time I got around 10% body fat something interesting started happening to me. I started getting a lot more attention from girls (and guys). This was coming from new people I met and also people who I already knew.

Even women who were already taken gave me lots of attention.

One thing that also happens when you get leaner, it seems like your body posture gets better too

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